Top 5 Spots for Family Portraits in Sydney

These are our 5 favorite places for family photography in and around Sydney, Australia.

Sydney is a stunning city with numerous awe-inspiring attractions that could make excellent backgrounds for outdoor photography. Here are five of the most striking places to take family portraits in Sydney.

The Opera House

This 1973 architectural wonder is one on every list of iconic buildings in the world. Capture the sun early in the morning or at sunset when a golden glow falls on the shells of the opera's roof creating a surreal background. Thousands of tourists flock the opera during the day and this may distract the little ones in the family shoot. Therefore, schedule the shoot early or in the late afternoon hours. Great spots for the shoot are the Forecourt and the Monumental Steps. A few natural shots will be when children discover the steps and the parents help the little ones climb up or down. With the sun's glow in the background, such moments are magical.

Additionally, family photos taken here make excellent postcards to send to relatives who are overseas.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and surrounding area

Adjacent to the Opera House is another of Australia's most popular structures, one of the widest and longest arch bridges in the world. For families that love adventure, take them to the bridge for some shots as they explore on foot or on a bicycle. This shoot must be early in the morning before tourists flock the pedestrian walk or the cycle way. The bridge is a great location for its architectural beauty and the surrounding area's serenity.

For families with young ones, take them to parks around the bridge. You will still capture the bridge and the Opera House. One such spot is Milsons Point. The shots will have the bridge, the city and the background.

Centennial Park

The park's 189 hectares host a variety of activities such as horse riding and cycling. Families with young ones can have a picnic as you take the most beautiful shots with mature oaks and figs in the background. The sun's rays penetrate the trees yielding a magnificent glow. The young ones will enjoy feeding ducks and swans, which is another exciting moment to take a few shots. Additionally, this park is a good idea because it is not crowded, so the little ones can run around.

The Royal Botanical Gardens

Photograph the family as it takes a walk in the garden, alongside a variety of flowers and trees. This garden is lovely any time of the year. Shy little ones will have a good time during the shoot because you can find a private spot amidst all the mature trees in the garden.

One spot not to forget is Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, a viewing spot carved out of sandstone. Governor Lachlan Macquarie's wife enjoyed views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge from this spot in 1810. The photos will have two of the city's iconic monuments in the background. Take the family to this spot when the sun is shimmering on the water.

Observatory Hill

It is impossible to visit any part of the city and not see the long steel bridge. At Observatory Hill, the bridge poses in the background. There's a nice picnic spot where the family can have some quality time as you work your magic with the camera. This spot combines the beauty of Sidney's parks with the city's architectural beauty.

In this city, there's nothing like a dull moment during outdoor photo shoots.