Top 5 Spots for Graduation Photography in Portland

These are Snappr's favorite spots for graduation photography in Portland.

5 Best places for Graduation Photography in Portland written by: Faithphilly Graduating from high school or college the parties that follow are unforgettable experiences in a young person's life. A few photographs taken outdoors, in the most stunning location, complete the celebration. Undoubtedly, such photos should mirror the occasion, which means venues like a public market are out of the question. Here are five of the best places for graduation photography in Portland.

Cathedral Park

There are so many magnificent spots for a photo shoot in this park. One such spot is under St. Johns Bridge. Try as many angles as possible to capture the graduate posing between the cathedral arches supporting the bridge. The beauty of the park comes alive when the sun shines from the horizon, through the arches under the bridge. Since there is just concrete and greenery around, the background is not too busy for the theme of the shoot. Other spots for a great shoot are the nature trail and the picnic site in the park. Whether the graduate stands, sits, lies on the ground or tosses the graduation hat in the air, the background is perfect.

Crystal Spring Rhododendron Garden

When in need of a variety of nature inspired backgrounds, head to this 9-acre garden. The graduate can pose on one of the timbered bridges, in the garden, beside a waterfall or next to the lake within the garden. The beautiful flora and fauna includes azaleas, shrubs and waterfowls. Indeed, the beauty and innocence of this garden matches the dreams and expectations of a graduate looking forward to a successful life.

Peninsula Park

This park has a variety of amenities that mimic the setting of an educational institution. The graduate can pose in a basketball field, on a tennis court or in a baseball field. Use a few props, such as speech bubbles and Instagram photo frames, in these diverse backgrounds to get the most memorable pictures.

Peninsula Park has a rose garden too with a wide variety of roses. You could work around getting some photos there with the graduate posing or walking in the garden. Take advantage of the picnic benches in the park to create the setting of a few pictures too.

Tilikum Crossing Bridge

If the graduate prefers outdoor photos with less flora and fauna, the Tilikum Crossing is an architectural gem. With a clear blue sky in the background, lighting will not be a challenge. The best time to take pictures on the bridge is early in the morning or as the sun sets. The sun's yellow glow is picturesque. Tilikum Crossing has a pedestrian and cycling path on each side of the bridge so you can choose the spot that suits your shoot depending on the hour of day and the sun's direction.

Rocky Butte

Plan a few photos at the summit of Rocky Butte, in Joseph Wood Hill Park. The drive presents other picturesque locations for one of two pictures as you head up to the summit. At the summit, there's a quaint stairway, a picnic ground and a viewing spot overlooking the city.

These places of interest have an open landscape where you can attempt any camera angles that you deem fit for an outdoor photo shoot.

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