Top 5 Spots for Graduation Photography in Sydney

Check out these five great spots for graduation photography in and around Sydney.

Are you looking for a photogenic location for your graduation day photos? Well, Sydney has it all. The picturesque metropolis is home to some of the finest pieces of art in the country. This is not to forget about the scenic gardens and some inviting beach corners. Among the hundreds of scenic locations you could choose from, here are top 5 spots that will make your graduation day photos memorable. 

1. Sydney Opera House 

The world famous Opera House is not to be missed in your Sydney shot list. The iconic structure offers varying vantage points for great photos. A group photo on the steps will capture the Opera's glorious sails in the background while the Kirribilli view point offers a perfect shot with Opera House in the background. Don’t forget to sample what Sydney Opera House offers beyond the photogenic viewpoints. 

2. The North Sydney Pool 

The North Sydney pool is situated right underneath the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge. The pool’s glorious art deco design, decorative plasterwork and the towering structures in the background provide for an eye tingling shot. The pool is open to the public at any day of the week. You can always take your guests for a stroll to the Lunar Park or on the Sydney Harbor Bridge after the photo session. 

3. Queen Victoria Building (QVB) 

Though started as a municipal market, Queen Victoria building has metamorphosed into a popular joint for visitors. The building’s splendid architecture, the stained glass windows and the dominant center dome make the QVB a prestigious location for taking classic shots. After the photo session, proceed to the shops and check on the various gifts on offer. 

4. Sydney Harbor bridge 

Located in the same vicinity as the Lunar Park and the North Sydney Pool, Sydney Harbor Bridge offers stunning views for a photo shoot session. Nicknamed Coathanger’ by locals, Sydney Harbor Bridge goes over one of the finest harbors in Australia. The steps offer stunning views for a photo shoot. If you’d like your graduation day photos to feature the blue sea and sailing boats in the background, you should climb to the steel arch. If you would, however, like the bridge to appear in the background, you should explore the Sydney harbor and take some memorable shots from there. 

5. The Farm Cove Botanical Gardens 

Give your graduation photo collation a touch of nature by visiting the Farm Cove botanical gardens. The scenic entrance, a stunning hand-hewn sandstone wall and the panoramic view of the Sydney Opera House and the Government House make the Farm Cove gardens a must go to photo shoot location. You can visit the Palm Grove Centre to celebration your graduation from college. Bonus location The Sydney Observatory view Besides its beautiful grounds, Sydney Observatory provides for an intimate view of Sydney’s iconic structures. Later on, you can have fun with rockets and telescopes as you explore the skies.Final word A photo session avails the wonderful opportunity to capture the exuberance and thrills of finally graduating from college. But choosing the location for your Graduation Photography in Sydney be challenging. By opting for the 5 locations herein, you will capture the exuberance of the day in a background of scenic beauty.