Top 5 Spots for Great Profile Photos in Atlanta

Next time you visit Atlanta, make sure to check out these great spots for getting new profile pictures.

There is no doubt that Atlanta, GA is a beautiful southern city. With an exceptional mix of high rises and green areas, its prominent art scene, beautiful and welcoming people and its enormous airline center, there is no doubt that Atlanta is an ideal place to explore and take the perfect picture. Here is a list of awesome places for profile pictures in Atlanta, GA.

1. Atlanta Wall

Located at 300 Marietta St., this wall captures Atlanta's artistic spirit in the big, colorful letters "ATLANTA." This iconic wall makes for a perfect profile picture on any social media site as it gives people a solid taste of typical wall art found in this city. While you're there, you can go ahead and take more photos of numerous picturesque murals found in the area. Whether you take a selfie with the Atlanta Wall or create candid photos with your friends, it is guaranteed to make you smile.

2. Atlanta Botanical Garden

This gorgeously natural space in Atlanta is absolutely awe-inspiring. With so many varieties of exotic and magnificent plants accompanied by nature-inspired art, you will want to keep your camera app open. The best place for a profile picture in this garden is in front of the Earth Goddess sculpture. This is an enormous sculpture made from plants such as flowers and will certainly add sunshine to your photo.

3. Piedmont Park

This park hosts quite a few musical and artistic events throughout the year. On a regular day, the perfect shot can have a mixture of its big, puffy trees and the Atlanta skyline. Piedmont Park is a perfect example of city and nature charmingly coexisting. 

This is an ideal place to take a selfie with your dog after a fun day of catch or go relax after work and take soothing landscape pictures. Not often do you have the chance to use both #nature and #highrise in one Instagram shot!

4. Stone Mountain Park

Whether you choose to hike up the park trail or ride the cable car, this is a scenic spot you cannot miss. Located on the outskirts of Atlanta, this enormous theme park is definitely worth the 35-minute drive from downtown. At the very top of Stone Mountain, your camera will enjoy the inspiring views of nature, the Atlanta skyline and even the Appalachian mountains. After you post the perfect profile picture, you can head on to one of the various activities available at Stone Mountain, such as shopping, mini golf, dining, water rides, sight-seeing or simply relaxing.

5. Jackson Street Bridge

For the perfect profile picture with the Atlanta skyline, head on over to the Jackson Street Bridge, located near downtown. As one of Atlanta's photographers' favorite places to take awesome shots of the city, this bridge is definitely recommended for an exceptional photo. Walking Dead fans might be especially intrigued by the fact that the opening scene was shot here. You should go in the early morning in order to capture the moment with fewer cars and avoid the city busyness.