Top 5 Spots for Great Profile Photos in Miami

While you're soaking up the sun in Miami, you can also visit these great spots to get a new profile picture. Make the most of your vacation!

With its beautiful beaches and glitzy resorts, there's little doubt that Miami would be lauded as one of the best vacation spots in the world. People love Miami for its glitz and glam. Not only this, they also deeply cherish it as a pictures and snaps location. How many times have you ever seen your Instragram connections posting perfect shots of themselves from Miami? Probably uncountable times.

Great news for you, you too can have the sizzling Miami pictures that you see every now and then on Instagram. Yes, you can have glossy Miami pics like those of the celebrity that you stalk on Instagram. It's just a matter of learning how to master the right spots and backgrounds for your pics. That being, here are five great photography shooting locations in Miami. You can visit them to take one of a kind Facebook, Instagram as well as Twitter profile pictures.

The cool places in Miami for profile pictures:

1. Port Of Miami

What better way to tell the world you were in Miami than to take a picture at its famous port? Port of Miami or simply P.O.M is an awesome place for social media pics. With its white buildings and their subtle royal blue accents, you'll get pictures which speak nothing short of cool and crisp.

Get the cameras rolling at this world class port. Better still, have your snaps taken aboard one of its half cruise ships. You will be in every way looking cool.

2. Miami Design District

This location is for those who treasure looking sophisticated. Everything in this place reads affluence. From its sleek architectural buildings and luxury fashion stores, it all speaks of dollars and more dollars. No wonder most Instagram models and boss ladies prefer to be photographed here.

If you're one of those who prefer to be known for your bucks, be sure to take a profile snap in this area.

3. Fontainebleau Hotel

Have you ever grabbed a brochure or magazine showcasing high-end tourist hotels? If you did and liked what you saw then this is a replica of the same, perhaps even Better? Fontainebleau Hotel is a terrestial paradise.

From its turquoise pool waters to its neatly landscaped beachfront yards, the hotel oozes magnificence and grandeur. It's a perfect vacation point as well as a compelling background for pics.

4. W Hotel South Beach

From one luxury resort to another, W Hotel South Beach is another ideal profile picture location.

Have you ever seen vacation pictures of spots icons such as NBA and premier league stars? Do you love the class and posh that describe the hotels they stay in? If yes, visiting the W Hotel South Beach will give you the very same look and feel.

W Hotel has beautiful styled white buildings with classy decor for the perfect profile picture. Be sure to visit it and get photographed your social media page. It's for sure one of the best locations for profile pictures in Miami.

5. The Clevelander

Fancy a colorful nightlife with sleek bars and restaurants? If yes then this should be your choice location for a profile picture. Clevelander is a sassy place with lights which shimmer beautifully against your exotic drink and palm trees which sway gently in the night.

Let the cameras catch you here.

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