Top 5 Spots for Great Sunsets in Miami

Miami is a city of pinks and orange hues, so of course there are a hundred places to catch great sunsets. These are our five favorite.

There is no better way to finish off a day and welcome the cooler evening air by watching the sun dip down into the ocean in one of the worlds most prestigious cities, Miami. There's a unique beauty that the city unmasks during that lavish twenty minutes from when the sun touches the ocean and brings forth the night. Its never just another Sunset in Miami when there are so many options to watch this daily event take place. Five truly unique the difficult to beat places to watch the sun disappear in the ocean include:

South Pointe Park

A peaceful area of the city where people can come to unwind and take there beloved pets for a walk or run away the open promenade. This place offers great views and is great for anyone who wants to take some time out from a busy day to relax and ponder life's many mysteries while watching the sun head down.

Another great setting from a few sun downers is Sunset Longe. If the name doesn't suggest it, its a place of tranquility. Great views and classy settings. This place is great to bring your friends to welcome the night. Great place to meet new people as it brings abroad group of people from all walks of life, all looking to have a good time and mix with other cultures.

The Standard spa

Located off Venetian way is where you want to be for that unique spa experience. If you are looking to be taken care way and want to wash your worries to the side, these people have what you need. They sweep you off your feet. If pampering is what you want while you're being treated like the king or queen, here is where you need to be! And did I mention the view is to die for! As the sun sets it shimmers off the water and hits the city at the horizontal angle leaving only the beauty of the beach and city to be seem under a husky light of glimmers and fading shades.

The Ritz Carlton 

Located on Miami beach. Wide open spaces and beach bods! Everywhere you look theirs something new and interesting to stare at. Dip your toes in the ocean or lie on the sand as the light comes crashing down and the city lights start firing up. What could be better than listening to the waves crash on the beach shore as the light fades away. Fill your heart with joy and hope in the magical place that offers a 360 degree show of the sleeping sun and awakening evening fun.

Louws Miami Beach Hotel

Offers an experience of a lifetime. This is a place where time stands still. Swimming in the pool or heading to the roof or even from your apartment balcony makes finding the perfect sunset view point oh so easy. A world class staff run circles around you making sure that you live the best days of your life at there hotel. If you were to watch one hundred sunsets from this place, everyone would be different. A truly magnificent arena.