Top 5 Spots for Landscape Photography in Brisbane Australia

Why not take a break from city life and go take some landscape photos? These are our favorite spots in Brisbane, Australia.

1. Kangaroo Point Cliffs

This is a perfect spot for taking beautiful sunsets as its sets down behind the city, enabling you to pick up the lovely vibrant colors and silhouettes of Brisbane Central Business district. From here you can take a panoramic shot of the city in the middle ground, with River Terrace acting as foreground and the sky as the backdrop, giving your pictures an unmatched depth and sense of scale. There are lots of spots along the cliff, for you to get the best angle of the city and you can as well walk down the stairs to the river bank to get low angle shots of this beautiful city.

2.Cleveland Point

Located 30 minutes drive from Brisbane city, Cleveland Point offers a perfect haven for photographers who may be seeking minimalism in their photography, due to the vast open space here. Along the bay, there are old wooden jetties that lead into the sea, and submerged trees which can offer excellent composition for your photos especially if the sea acts as the backdrop. Its also a popular site for windsurfing and jet skiing, and you can capitalize on these activities to get further into the sea, to get different perspective and angles for your photography, not forgetting that the surfers and skiers can add some element to your landscape pictures.

3. Mt. Cootha

Mt Cootha is located 7km west of Brisbane, and it offers an unparalleled 180-degree view of the city below. This angle makes it a perfect spot for taking photos during sunrise, daytime, and sunset, due to its high vantage point. This point is also beautiful during foggy mornings, whereby the entire valley below is filled with fog, while the skyscraper of Brisbane CBD pokes out, providing a surreal visual effect. There some restaurants and cafes around here, to provide accommodation and food, in case you may want to time the sun in the early morning without the hustle of driving atop of this mountain.

4. Nudgee Beach

This beach faces Moreton Bay, and its a perfect spot for epic reflections, sunrise and star trail pictures as it offers a plain view of the ocean, the sky and the rippled sands of the beach at the same time. The first thing to note is that no matter season, the sun always rises over the rippled sand, provided there is a low tide. During the night, the building lights to the south can compliment time lapses of star trails above the ocean. Nudge Beach is situated near the airport.

5. Tamborine Mountain

This is a 28 square kilometers plateau, located on an hours drive north west of Brisbane. There is little human encroachment here, thus providing un-blemished landscapes for epic landscape photography. Apart from the golden hour's shoots, the star trails photos from here are unmatched, unlike in the other places where the bright city light affects crispness of the stars. Moreover, from this point, you can see the vast mountains and ridges around the Scenic Rim, which help you in composing the picture. Be also on the lookout for hot air balloons, which can add a sense of scale and vibrancy to your photos with the vast open grounds and sky acting as a backdrop.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager