Top 5 Spots for Landscape Photography near Sydney

Take a break from the noise and bustle of the city to take in the natural sights around Sydney

When people think about Sydney, the first thing that comes to mind is the Opera house and the Harbour bridge. Sydney has the best picturesque places that just choosing one over the other can be difficult, the best thing is to take your camera everywhere with you because you never know when the perfect scene will present itself. There are, however, a few great places that landscape photographers in Sydney hold in high regard. These would be the kind of places you would need to plan your shots for and pack good equipment if you want to take pictures that would be masterpieces. Let's look at five of the best places for landscape shots: 

1. Bondi Beach Bondi Beach is a must-see place in Australia. The sunrise is breath taking the surf is amazing and the beautiful people who come out here every day add to the colour of this world famous beach. You need to take your time to frame your shots. It becomes a little distracting when people start filling the beach with their surf boards and beach umbrellas which is another reason why sunrise is the best time for a Bondi Beach photo session. 

2. Blues Point Sydney wouldn't be the interesting place that it is without the Opera House or the Harbour bridge. Those two are probably the most photographed scenes in Australia. They are magnificent structures and you simply can't ignore them. There are lots of place that you can get a good view of the Opera house or the Harbour bridge but there's only a couple that offers the perfect alignment of the two. Blues Point offers the perfect view. Best times are at sunrise and sunset. Make sure that you have the right lens for the shot because these structures are bigger in real life than they look in pictures, fitting both into the same shot requires the use of a wide lens. 

#3. Mahons Pool is located in Maroubra. It is a pool of water carved into rocks. It is a popular spot amongst locals who come to the pool all year round whether its the crack of dawn or winter. The pool has a couple of great spots as well as raised areas where you can stand and shoot from. Best time is sunrise, but that depends entirely on the photographer. 

#4. Woolwich Wharf Want the perfect place to take shots of the Sydney skyline? Then just head west from the harbour bridge to Woolwich. It is good for both sunset and sunrise, however if you want to capture Sydney's night lights or catch the last rays of the sun as it sets behind the Harbour Bridge then twilight is the best time. 

#5. Turimetta Beach Located in North Narrabeen, which is a little out of the way (16 miles north of the Sydney Central Business District) is Turimetta Beach. This which is quite popular amongst local photographers. If you want the perfect seascape, Turimetta Beach offers the best view. You can get the perfect sunrise shot, but the best kept secret about the location are the rock formation along the southern side. The rock formations have interesting grooves that provide a great texture and green moss that seems to glow when the light shines on them at a certain angle. You could also head a little bit South of Turimetta Beach to go to the North Narrabeen tidal pool. This is also another pool with interesting rock formations. This is a popular spot for capturing sunrises and virtually every photographer comes or has been to Narrabeen pool once or twice in their lives.