Top 5 Spots for Outdoor Parties in Portland

Call us vain - but we definitely take into account the photogeneity (is that a word?) of a park before we decide to plan a picnic. Check out our five favorite spots for outdoor parties in Portland.

There are many beautiful outdoor party locations in Portland. For photographers looking for great scenes who like to organize a picnic, Portland is the place to be. The city has several recreational areas which are very captivating. Next time you're planning an outdoor party in Portland, and the quality of the photos is going to matter, consider these options.

Rocky Butte

This is a park located at the northern east side of Portland. The park gives a great view of the downtown Portland, of hills on the west side, the Portland international airport, and Cascade mountain range among others. People can get there by driving or even cycling. The journey to the park is an interesting one, a promise of a great experience in the park. This place is especially beautiful to visit in late afternoon or in the evening since one gets to enjoy a stunning view of the city especially as the sun sets. It is a great place to hold a picnic and to take sunset pictures.

Rose garden

Portland is known as the city of roses. The international rose test garden is one of the best attractions of the city. It is the oldest garden known for public rose test in USA, offering a large variety of roses. The garden also offers a great view of the city. It is especially a great place to visit and hold a party especially during summer as the roses begins to bloom. The colors of different roses and the different scents make this place irresistible and such a great place for taking pictures. 

Powell Butte

Portland is also known for its extinct cinder volcanoes, among them Mt tabor and Powell Butte. Powell Butte is located on the southeast of Portland. The nature park offers a stunning view of Mt Hood and Mt. St. Helens. It is a great place to hike and also for picnics. It is a great place to take pictures, especially because of the wildlife in the area. It is a normal thing to see animals such as rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, bats, and deer among others. On a clear day, this is one of the best places that a visitor can experience the wonders of the city.

Council Crest

Council Crest is known as the highest point in Portland. At the top of there is a water tower, and it is at the top that one gets to see the mountains in the Cascade Range. One can also get to view the whole of Portland and even the surrounding areas. The view, the sculptor of the mother and child, and the amusement park make it one of the best places to have a picnic and to take pictures.

Hoyt Arboretum

This young museum is another great place for an outdoor party. This museum is a home to many species, trees, and shrubs. It is also a great place to hike and to take pictures of different views such as the mountains, the streams, and the vegetation. The place is beautiful and it has something for everyone.

Portland is known for its large number of parks and recreational facilities. These parks offer a beautiful experience especially when it comes to outdoor parties, hikes, and photo-taking.