Top 5 Spots for Photography in Brisbane

Next time you're visiting Brisbane, make sure to visit these five spots. And bring your camera!

Even though it's a less popular tourist destination, visitors to Brisbane will find that it has a special beauty. We're talking sunrise photos, flower fields photos, car photo shoots locations and many others. These are our favorite places to stop by for some snapshots while visiting Brisbane.


Located about 30 minutes away from the city, Cleveland Point is a beautiful place to enjoy some son and snag some pictures.. Locals and tourists alike come here to enjoy activities like fishing, surfing, picnics or a tasty barbecue. You might like the trees that sprout from the bank, and even from the water. You can also capture the sunset in the evening. And don't forget the ancient wooden jetty that extends far out into the ocean.


Kangaroo Point Cliffs has the best evening and morning sun views extending beyond the mountains. It is a great place to capture the sunrise, sunset and the composition of the beautiful colors in the sky. You'll also love the best views of the Brisbane skyline around. Be warned that you'll have to climb some pretty serious stairs to get to the ideal viewing points, but you'll be able to take a break along the way at a few of the park's excellent picnic areas.


Looking for a hangout place, or a place to snag some excellent street photographs? Southbank is the one. The white sand makes the beach look so beautiful. You can take pictures along the streets of the beach while just walking around, enjoying the sun and sound of the surf. And you'll have more than just great photographs to remember Southbank by. Keep an eye out for live outdoor music performances, and book a reservation at one of the lovely restaurants that look straight out on the water.


Wilsons Outlook is another great viewpoint of Brisbane. You'll find it at Bowen Terrace, New Farm. From the edge of this panoramic viewpoint, you'll be able to see the famous Story Bridge, as well as the Brisbane skyline.On your way back, I recommend that you can walk over the bridge and enjoy the night breeze. You will have maximum fun here viewing the city.


It is a known place for doing watersports, fishing, barbecue or picnic, Wellington Point is a must-see. This is an ideal place for family shoots because of the ample space. You can take photos of the families during their picnic or whatever activity they are up to. Walk to King Island on low tide and collect as many shells as you can.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager