Top 5 Spots for Photography in Melbourne

It's worth making the trip to Melbourne just to visit these great photography spots.

Photography in Melbourne written by: wafus17 Melbourne is a city with enviable photographic spots for any photographer. Some of the coolest spots for taking photos include:

St Kilda Pier 

St Kilda has various interesting features including the beach, Palais, and the Lunar Park. One of the best features in this place is the St Kilda Pier. It stretches from the heritage listed Pavilion building all the way into the bay. The pier continues with a breakwater and is also a home to many little penguins. These penguins are cute and give you admirable pictures. Flash photography is discouraged so as not to scare away the birds. The selfie sticks are also discouraged as they could easily alarm the birds or even break their eggs.

Queen Victoria Market 

Victoria market offers an excellent opportunity to make colorful photography in Melbourne. A photo capturing a tray full of vegetables and fruit is quite admirable. Some of the interesting things to capture in Victoria market include weird mushrooms, stacks of capsicums, oranges & avocados, and sacks of tea. Other awesome features include buskers, great sangria, and famous churro cart. The market's old fittings and high ceilings provide a wonderful photographic scene. With the exception of Mondays and Wednesdays, the market remains open most days of the week. There is even an opportunity to capture an evening Wednesday market during the summer season.

Centre Place 

This is an iconic laneway in Melbourne located between Elizabeth and Swanston Streets. It's Melbourne fringe culture epicenter and attracts both domestic and foreign tourists. It looks less the same as Harry Potter's Diagon Alley and is always bursting with buskers. Expect overhead looming spindly lights and sort of toppling stores. Its black pavement makes it a favorite for many photographers. It's not only dark but also changes mysteriously every other time you visit. The shops are always moving in and out, the performers are regularly changing and the street art is constantly regenerating. The good news is that it has the best vantage point to take a photo from.

National Gallery of Victoria 

Melbourne city houses one of the world's largest stained suspended glass windows. This is found in the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Victoria. It's one of the best sites for photography in Melbourne. Looking up the Great Hall showers you in the artwork of blues, purples, and reds designed by Leonard French, a Melbourne based artist. As you stand underneath this artwork, you see a magical combination of light and color. The artwork is frequently moving to give you various scenes at different times of the day. It's surely a great spot for any photographer.

Princes Bridge 

This is among the busiest footpaths within Melbourne city. It's an iconic structure located in the city center giving you a wonderful view of the Yarra river. From this bridge, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the epochal MCG and historic Southbank buildings on either side of the bridge. Other interesting features that can be spotted from this bridge include the famous Melbourne spiral tower Arts center, Flinders Street Station and the Eureka Skydeck.

Adam Griffith

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