Top 5 Spots for photography in Perth

Next time you check in at Perth, make a swing by these great spots for photography.

Perth is one of the prettiest places in Australia. You can create many great memories here but most of all you need to capture the moments by taking photographs. We all like photographs right? 

These are the top five places that you need to take pictures in Perth.


This is an ever green grass place where there are plenty of mature trees that provide shade. Flowers are everywhere in this park. It is one area that is always fit fora photo session. There are also natural lakes with ducks and swans in the same park, it basically favors all kind of people depending on what you like about nature. Do not miss the purple jacaranda blossoms. Whether you like a little wildlife photography, or need a great park for family photography, this is the place to go.


This bridge was named in honor, of course, of Queen Elizabeth. There is a great connection of the city and the Swan River. The bridge has different designs and curves around it making it spectacular. This is one place with the most beautiful and eye striking art. The best time to take a picture is at night, take a shot with the city with its twinkling lights. The photography skills are highly needed here for you to get the best picture out it as the scenery is so beautiful.


King's Park is a destination for all people, both locals and tourists, to take a shot of Perth's beautiful skyline. It is on elevated ground giving you also the view of the Swan River and the Darling Ranges. The botanical gardens, natural bush land and grassed parklands, are two sites that you'll need to check out. For the people who love taking bird pictures, the park has about 80 bird species. The park also have the State War memorial that makes it a historical ground.


Make a plan to spend summer at this place. It is a beach that has about a kilometer of pure white sand. You can take more than enough pictures at the beach, the sunset into the Indian Ocean and also while surfing or snorkeling. The buildings right on the Cottesloe beach like the Teahouse has a striking art decoration giving the best coastal view.


The vineyards of Swan Valley are as beautiful as they are famous. At this place you get to find wineries of different sizes with offers of wine tasting, fine chocolates, coffee blends and there is also a food tasting area. You can walk at the vineyards taking pictures there are two places that are a must visit when you around the valley; the Picturesque Bell’s Rapids and Whiteman Park. You can capture the vintage buses, the bush land, tram and trains, they show how diverse and unique is when it comes to all the features at the valley.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager