Top 5 Spots for Photography in San Diego

Next time you visit San Diego with your camera, make sure to visit these cool sites!

San Diego landmarks are excellent locations to take that perfect photograph you need during your vacation. These popular landmarks are many are places to behold due to their unique attractiveness. These are our top 5:

The Japanese Friendship Garden is perhaps the closest to a genuine Zen garden one can ever be while not in Japan. The garden is a calm and relaxing oasis in the heart of Balboa Park which has several other attractive sites.

This garden is among several other gardens situated here; Balboa Park also has an educational children’s ethno-botany garden, a well-liked rose garden, and a garden of cactus. These gardens create beautiful backgrounds on your photographs making them more attractive.

Gaslamp Quarter is one of the most recognized landmarks in San Diego; it is an excellent place to take a photographs due to its status as a stylish dining and shopping spot. Also, this quarter is among the most historic parts of the old town. Gaslamp Quarter’s structural design is mainly Victorian, and recent modernizing attempts have made it a delightful location.

Balboa Park is the city's primary urban cultural, recreational area; it is full of architectural and natural beauty. These include gardens, galleries, music halls and museums, San Diego’s best wildlife and culture are suitably sited here.

As there will be plenty of perfect scenes for you to take photos and explore in Balboa Park, you may have to go back a few times to see everything. Among the most favorite photography locations in Balboa Park are the pond which has an elegant architectural background and a striking appearance during sunsets.

Located in Balboa Park too is a national historical marker and perhaps the unique structures in the park was formerly used as the venue for the 1915 and 1916 California-Panama trade fair; this location is an excellent one for photos taking due to the gorgeous garden and the fantastic Prado building.

Another site to consider for your cool photos taking is the monument that tributes the first European to arrive in the USA. It is a historic location in San Diego dating back several centuries ago.

This monument’s site at the Loma cape offers a spectacular distant viewpoint on the San Diego shores which is an excellent method to capture skyline pictures of the ocean.

This sculpture located near San Diego harbor gives your photographs a realistic appearance of a sailor’s picture holding a woman after returning home from war. It is situated close to a museum dedicated to the ending of the Second World War, the happiness of the sailors and military who were involved. This statue presents an excellent backdrop for your pictures as well as gives them that important characteristic.