Top 5 Spots for Photography in Seattle

If you're visiting Seattle, or are a long-time local with a passion for photography, these are the spots you can't miss.

As a bustling high-rise city located on the western coast, photographers are spoilt for choice when approaching Seattle, Washington for a shoot. Whether you want suburban bliss, coastal beauty or urban glamour, this city will have it somewhere. The following suggestions aren't in any particular order - it simply depends what you're looking for!

Colman Dock

Having visited Seattle a few years back, a personal favourite spot of mine is Colman Dock, which sits below the popular tourist attraction Columbia Tower. If you arrive at sunrise, this can truly provide a spectacular backdrop for your photos. I remember coming to visit the viewing deck in the tower, but all the photos in my album are from the dock! It's also quite a quiet location, despite the nearby tourists, which is ideal for a shoot; this shimmering sea view is certainly not one to be missed.

Beacon Hill

If it is something more modern and metropolitan you're looking for, then Beacon Hill would be a good bet. This option captures an inspiring combination of sprawling high-rises and deep blue waters. What's more, it looks equally beautiful at daybreak, dusk or any time in-between. However, it is a popular destination for holidaymakers and other photographers, so don't expect a peaceful shoot! The results will make it worth it though.

Pioneer Square

An area that simply must be recommended is Pioneer Square, which is full of enchanting surroundings. The architecture is vintage and its furnishings are timeless - you really could spend hours in this place taking photographs. There are glitzy cafes, verdant trees and perfectly-framed archways. Coming to this area of Seattle is like stepping back in time, making it an unmissable location for anyone.

Kerry park

Whilst the aforementioned locations such as Colman Dock are a bit off the beaten track, there are some photo spots which are popular for a reason - one of those is Kerry Park. Although it may have a rather over-used skyline, it is simply unavoidable if you're coming to Seattle to take photos. There are few other vantage points in the world which combine a monumental natural landmark like the snow-topped Mt. Rainer with innovate design such as the Space Needle. From a practical point of view, it's best to be positioned as far to the right as possible. Since the view genuinely is incredible at any time of day, I would suggest coming at around 3 p.m. to avoid the inevitable rush of photographers at sunset and take absolute advantage of your trip.

Chihuly Gardens and Glass Center

Last on this list is the Chihuly Gardens and Glass Center, a creation which I cannot compare to anything else I've seen. Artistically combining flowers and glass, there are boundless new perspectives you could discover during your shoot. As the sun shines all around you, bouncing off the brightly-colored plants, such a unique attraction wouldn't fail to impress any photographer.

Well there you have it! It must be said, however, that whilst this article lists my own opinion of good photo opportunities in Seattle, it is by no means finite! Any corner you turn in Seattle can provide you with an original and fresh look. Happy photographing!