Top 5 Spots for Photography in Sydney

Next time you're rolling through Sydney, check out these 5 great places to take some awesome photographs.

Sydney is arguably the most photogenic city in Australia. Its natural beauty, intact beaches and impressive landmarks make it stand out among other attractive Australian cities. The Opera House and the picturesque harbor are just part of the wide pool of options. Apart from the obvious iconic landmarks, there are many hidden gems that are worth your time as well.

The only drawback is that there are too many options for you to choose from and you may find it confusing, especially if you are staying for just a few days. In order to help you pick out the best places, we have narrowed down the choices to the five best places that seek your attention as a photographer.

1. Bare Island. It is a stunning small island that is positioned on the North side of Bottany. Easily one of Sydney's most beautiful locations to shoot and also not a very well-known location, even though, the final scene of Mission Impossible II was shot on this island. Perfect for taking gorgeous coastal landscapes during sunset for a shot with a soft-colored sky and wide open spaces. Waiting for the blue hour can also be worth your while, as nightly shots turn out just as great. Explore this hidden gem and capture its breathtaking sceneries.

2. Mrs. Macquire's Chair. A famous sandstone beach and also a well-known hot spot for photographers because of the unobstructed views it offers of the Sydney Harbor, as well as the world-renowned Opera House. The beach was hand carved in the 1800's by convicts that were acting upon the orders of the alleged Father of Australia, Governor Macquarie. His wife, Elizabeth, liked to sit on the beach and gaze at the sailing ships and thus the name of this picturesque beach.

3. Sydney Opera House. No list will be complete without the notorious Sydney Opera House. Its unique contemporary design makes this construction extremely popular and a true architectural legacy. This great landmark and also a world-class performing arts center is a location you have to visit when in Sydney. Finding an original angle for taking pictures may appear to be challenging, as it is one of the most photographed buildings in the world.

4. Newton Cemetery. This beautiful Victorian-era cemetery is positioned in the backyard of St. Stephen's Anglican Church. Even though this may seem like an extremely peculiar spot for picture taking, this cemetery is rather old and a great spot to get a couple of unique shots. Because of its historic value, it offers a sort of old-time decaying look with areas that are bit overgrown and tombs that show the passing of time.

5. Queen Victoria Building. This is a stunning older building that was restored to perfection. If you are into architectural photography this is a highly suited choice for you. With its cathedral ceilings, iron railings and soft natural light pouring in through the windows, it is incredibly photogenic. Apart from being a busy shopping arcade, its charm lies in its old-time vibe that is omnipresent in this building.