Top 5 Spots for Profile Photos in Chicago

If you're visiting Chicago soon, or you're a long time resident, and you want to find a good spot to take a profile picture, we have the best spots to start!

Chicago, otherwise called The Windy City, is a perfect multicultural city that is among the biggest in the United States. Renowned for its exceptional design, Chicago's horizon is delightful with its noticeable sky scrappers along Lake Michigan. Be that as it may, the city offers something beyond artificial structures. It has a lot of parks, historical centers, shorelines, the Chicago River, and significantly much more.

This is an excellent city for a picture taker hoping to catch different pictures that are taken from a similar region. If you are looking for the best places to shoot profile pictures in Chicago then here are a few places around Chicago to visit and take photo.

1. The Millennium Park

The millennium Park has very many spots to take pictures. Inside this park center is the well known Cloud Gate, which is also referred to as The Bean. This fascinating bit of art offers numerous approaches to make imaginative photographs, regardless of whether you need to take a selfie in its appearance or catch it all alone with the city horizon in the background. In the case that you visit the The millennium park during winter time, there's an impressive ice skating arena directly beneath Cloud Gate that takes into consideration some exquisite views. In any case, you will not be disappointed with this special photograph op.

2. The Buckingham Fountain

Buckingham Fountain is among the world's biggest fountain, it shoots water upwards up to about 150 feet into the air. This fountain just runs water in the mid-year months, so remember that in case you need to visit it. Also, in the case that you visit it at the peak hours, you will be presented with a water show. The setting of the fountain likewise has a remarkable view of the cityscape. This is an ideal place to take photos while in Chicago.

3. The Wrigley Field

The second-most established baseball stadium in United states is Chicago's Wrigley Field. It is a chronicled institution, and also a landmark and it has been a home to the Chicago Clubs since 1916. While a significant part of the inside has been upgraded, a lot of the chronicled components have been kept unaltered, among them being the out-dated scoreboard. Regardless of whether you are a Clubs fan, it's a perfect building to look at and a symbol in American expert games.

4. The Lurie Garden

A cool botanical farm in the Chicago territory is the Lurie Garden. It is an extraordinary place to catch photos of a wide assortment of natural plant wildlife while still in the city. The garden is located in Millennium Park and is allowed to people in general.

5. The Chicago Theater

The Chicago Theater is a remarkable landmark in The Windy City. The theater has a delightful sign which is particularly magical when it is lit up during the evening. In case you are out on the town for a stroll after the sun goes down, exploit its glittering lights and get a decent long exposure shot.

If you want to capture the best profile pictures for facebook twitter and instagram then the above are some of the fascinating places to capture good profile pictures in Chicago.

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