Top 5 Spots for Profile Photos in Dallas

Does youyr profile picture on Facebook and Instagram scream "Texas!"? If not, you can take care of it by visiting one of these great spots for profile pictures in Dallas.

After the massive increase of social media, our great western civilization got another trend which has reached an epidemic scale. The matter that I am talking about, of course, is none other than the selfie phenomenon. Every social media user, wants his pictures to be unique, jaw-dropping and beautiful to the eye.

They want them to attract huge numbers of followers or likes, and thus being able to brag to their friends about it! This is exactly, is the goal of this article, to help you get the best photos, whether it is a selfie or a casual photo. Here, we are going to present you with the most beautiful spots in Dallas Texas. Keep reading to find where the best spots for awesome social media profile pictures in Dallas are!

Geo Deck-Reunion Tower

The Reunion Tower is Dallas' signature building. The most obvious spot here for a beautiful picture is the Geo Deck. It stands at 470 above the ground, so it will be a bit tough for those with a fear of heights, but I can assure you that the result worth it completely, as the shot that you will capture here, is one that is going to leave anyone completely awestruck.

Of course, there are more options in these places for photos. If you cannot tame your fear of heights, or if you simply want an alternative picture, you can take a selfie on the ground, and have the huge Reunion Tower to loom over you. A truly jaw-dropping shot!

Urban Taco

Well, this one is definitely one of my favorites because it actually contains two spots in one! Obviously, you can get some of the most delicious tacos in the States, which are also perfect for your #foodporn social media hashtags, but you can also get some really cool pictures with the graffiti at the exterior of the building!

The Rustic

This one is a quiet and easy going place. You can have a great far-off view of the Dallas Downtown here. It is also a famous spot for the Dallas Big Sign, and for some more classy ones you can shot a few pretty selfies with the beautiful decoration of the place.

The Kyle Warden Park

The Kyle Warden-Park above the Woodall Rogers freeway is the most common sight on any Instagram feed! Here, you can take any kind of photo you can imagine. A romantic photo with your soulmate? Done!

A funny photo of you and your friends where you eat something? Done! A photo that you work out in the grass? Well, virtually any photo can be taken from this spot. It also is the home of many dancing or yoga events, so there is always something going on here!

The Joulle Hotel

We intentionally left the best for last in this one! The Joulle Hotel is probably the best place to shot your social media profile pictures in Dallas, again it is a place with a variety of options. Of course, the most obvious one is the eyeball in the garden. Like, seriously there is a huge 30 feet tall eyeball in the hotel garden. By far the most eye-catching spot for photos, if you ask me!

On the other hand, if you want something more classy, the Joulle Hotel is again here for you! There are the Taschev Library and the well-known museum lobby which is literally art in motion.

Those were the best spots to shoot your profile pictures in Dallas. It can suit everyone's needs, whether classy, artistic or more simple ones, in Dallas, you will definitely find the spot that you want!

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Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager