Top 5 Spots for Profile Photos in New York City

On your next weekend in the Big Apple, make sure to record the event by taking the time to snag a self-portrait. These are our favorite spots for profile pictures in New York City!

New York city,Wow! Where do I actually start documenting this fascinating city?It's just that there is so much here.Whatever your photography interests are,profile pictures in New York city can deliver.At first I didn't know how and where to start my photography in this vast place.This overwhelming feeling made me tour almost every cool place in New York within a month.I still didn't achieve identifying the best shots.They were all freaking awesome!Anyway,after six months I had explored the city deep enough and created a list from the top,grouping the places according to possible interests one may have.I didn't stop there,I also grouped the different feelings the places give out at different times of the day.Yeah,I was that thorough.Long story short,I am giving you a list of the top five places that will blow your mind.Let's get started.

1.Midtown Manhattan

This is where the action happens.Being the largest central business district in the world,alot happens here.You might feel really overwhelmed wondering where to start.I'll make it easy for you.

Empire State Building

First of all,you should be prepared to take pictures that feel like the whole world is behind you.The tall building is visible everywhere you go such that it's also present in skyline shots.The place is visited by a lot of people so you might wait in line for a long time.They also have a VIP entrance that's a bit pricy but it'll save you time.The feeling of this place is really unique and better at night.Many people I ask say it feels like they are part of a bigger world out there.That's just beautiful.

Times Square

This place is best to visit at night,when the lights from the electronic billboards shine the area like it's daytime in heaven.You should expect to see lots of people,street perfomers and just anything.The place booms with life and any picture you take here feels beautiful and fun.

2.Lower Manhattan

This is the main financial center in New York.Filled with rich diversity and culture,lower Manhattan has great spots for taking profile pictures.

One World Trade Center

Being the tallest building in New York,it's an impressive sight.The art of engineering that was used is just magnificent.Photos taken close to the building or miles from there are just as beautiful.The modern yet artistic look of the great building will give a profile picture great attention.


This place is always bustling with activity.It has the largest Chinese population in the US. A picture in this place brings out the social aspect of New Yorkers as they buy their daily needs while interacting.

3.Central Park

Being one of the most filmed places,you could remember some places from a movie.

Gapstow Bridge And The Pond

This place is the best when you want to the feel nature plus it can give you the town view behind.There are several spots in this place giving you different views and a beautiful background.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

If you enjoy architectural photography,this is just the perfect spot.Not that the fun ends there,the museum has diversified and world's greatest collections of art.The outside and the inside are both perfect for profile pictures.

4.The Surroundings

New York's beauty is not only in manhattan.The surrounding areas are filled with fascinating sceneries of the manhattan view and their own stunning beauty.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Anyone who has never set foot in the US but watches movies obviously knows this amazing place.Shots from different spots on the Brooklyn bridge not only gives you different perspectives of New York city but also defines the beauty of the bridge.

Statue Of Liberty

You didn't think I'll forget this,did you?Take a ferry to Ellis island and enjoy endless shots of New York city in the horizon,new york habour and the statue of liberty itself.Sunsets,dawns and afternoons will all give you perfect shots.


With the challenging beauty of NYC,you can't miss other shots of random places.

Street Performers

They are almost everywhere in NYC but there's just something about them.I guess their appearence never goes unnoticed due to authenticity of their creativity.I guess a great place has people raising their starndards for it.

Store Fronts

Have you ever just found a beautiful store front for no reason?Well,that's New York city for you.You can take beautiful shots from sunsets reflecting on the glass giving pictures a magic look.

There is no great photography as getting a challenging view.With profile pictures in New York city,you can never guess what a picture will give you.But there is one constant.They all look beautiful,capturing what you didn't even expect.You will need somewhere to start and that list above,is your start of an unending adventure.

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