Top 5 Spots for Profile Photos in Phoenix

Whether you're a local or a visitor, if you're looking to get a profile piucture for social media in the Phoenix area, we've got you covered!

Getting the right picture for your Facebook or Instagram profile might not be a humongous task but it does require certain things.

Along with a good camera, a picturesque scenario behind you would very much help in making it memorable. If you ever are in Phoenix and wondering about the best places for clicking a picture then we’ve got you covered. Here are 5 wonderful places to click a profile picture in Phoenix.

1. Desert Botanical Garden

If you love flora and fauna, then this might be the perfect location choice for you. This 140-acre park is home to more than 21,000 plants as been hailed as a Phoenix Point of Pride, a tag that represents the best places for visitors in the city.

Under the guise of open skies and in front of the most exotic desert plants, you could give your best poses and gather many likes on your picture.

2. Phoenix Art Museum

Located in North-Central Avenue, Phoenix Art-Museum is one the largest in the United States. It hosts several artefacts displaying different walks of human life and culture.

The museum has collection of more than 18000 works that cover the time of European Renaissance, old American West, Eastern culture, along with many more time periods. The stunning art pieces would certainly be a glowing start behind your face and for an art lover, it might prove to be a heavenly place for a nice picture.

3. Phoenix Zoo

Similarly, if you like animals then surely this might be the best destination for you. This zoo is the largest privately-owned zoo in United States operating in an area od 125 acres with 1,400 animals on display. It has also been designated as one of Phoenix Points of Pride. There are different areas in the zoo that have different kind of animal species from around the world namely: Arizon trail which depicts the wildlife native to state of Arizona, Africa trail which have popular animals like lions, white rhino, cheetah, etc.

There is also the Tropics Trail that is home to Asian elephants, Komodo dragons, Sumatran tigers, and a children’s trail that has mild-mannered animals like ocelot, emus that you could get close to. How awesome would it look to have an exotic animal like a lion or an animal buried in its own cuteness as a background for your pictures?

4. St. Marty’s Basilica

This church is a popular tourist attraction in the Phoenix city. Designed in the architectural style of Mission revival and Spanish colonial revival, this church was built in 1902 and has been listed on National-Register of Historical Places.

It the oldest Roman Catholic parish church in the region. The most striking feature of this building is its beautiful stained-glass windows which is the largest in Arizona. It is indeed one of the most beautiful places in the city and certainly a notable location to have your picture clicked.

5. Camelback Mountain

For someone who wants a tryst with an open landscape, this mountain, which got its name due to its resemblance to the camel hump, might be the right choice.If you are interested in hiking and rock climbing, then perhaps you want to head in its direction since it is a popular destination for both.

At the top point, it provides one of the most beautiful viewpoints overlooking the entire city which is something that would look super awesome in your picture. And if you decide to hike the trail during sunset, then you would have to get a picture with a beautiful sunset behind you.

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Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager