Top 5 Spots for Profile Photos in Washington DC

Are you visiting (or living) in Washington DC and looking for some great spots to grab a new profile picture? We've got you covered.

Washington DC is a heaven for those who wish to have a perfect profile pictures on their social network. You will see plenty of spots where you can take pictures in DC. It has many spots like monuments, memorials etc. to take pictures but we have picked these 5 spots where you can take coolest profile pictures in Washington DC.

Here is the list of 5 Washington DC profile picture spots

1. Washington Monument

Washington Monument is the most famous and iconic building in DC. It was built in the memory of George Washington as a tribute to him. This is one of the most photographed spots as the Monument is 555 feet tall makes it the tallest building in Washington DC. You can have cool pictures of yours with the Washington Monument standing right next to it or from a distance as it looks great from each and every angle. 

You can click pictures with at sunrise and sunset with this monument as that is the time when you can have some of the best clicks here. If you are in Washington DC, Washington Monument one of the best spots to take profile pictures.

2. Yards Park

Another place to take great pictures in DC is Yards Park. This is a waterfront park with amazing views to click. Anacostia River, Wading pool, and the curvy bridge at the yards park makes it one of the best spots to take a profile picture.

The footbridge provides best spots to take pictures of its great architecture from morning to night. You can get pictures with waterfall, riverfront, a curvy bridge here at the Yards Park.

3. Georgetown

Georgetown Waterfront is one of the best places take pictures as it is gifted with beautiful scenery to capture in your camera. Georgetown has historical row houses, view of Potomac River, C&O Canal and many more.

Georgetown Waterfront and the Kenndy Center are the two must take picture spots. At Georgetown Waterfront, all you can see views in all four directions ready to get snapped. The rooftop terrace of the Kennedy Center offers amazing views of the Georgetown Waterfront. All these spots in Georgetown are worth taking a profile picture here.

4. War Memorials

The war memorials are must-see places in DC. There are Korean War Memorial, World War II Memorial, and Vietnam War Memorial near National Mall. 

Here at these memorials, you can revisit history at the same time you get some cool pictures that you can use as your profile picture. These memorials are one of the best spots in DC for taking pictures.

5. Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial was built to honor one of the greatest presidents of American history, Abraham Lincoln. You can take many pictures of Lincoln Memorial from different views and it would be very hard to take a bad picture. During sunset, you can have a picture of yours sitting with the columns of this memorial. You can get some amazing photos of reflecting pool from the step of the memorial. From here, you can also take photos of Washington Monument and its reflection in the water.

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