Top 5 Spots for Profile Pictures in Melbourne

For Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or a resume, these are the best spots to grab a profile picture in Melbourne, Australia.

Profile pictures or headshots: it doesn't matter what you call them, are as important as any other photograph you take. You need to worry about the light and the background as well as the camera you are using. Most professional photographers have studios they work from, these allow them to set up conditions for perfect shots and to direct photo sessions. However, having the same drab white or grey background is uninspiring, it does nothing to enhance the image that everyone should be focussing on-the person's face. The composition or styling of a profile photo session is important and should be informed by why the person is taking a profile picture in the first place and where this picture will ultimately be used. Let's look at some of the backgrounds in Melbourne that you can use to create unique and captivating profile photos.

#1. Melbourne Laneways

Melbourne has a lot of picturesque places, but for a profile picture your focal point is a person's face and it needs to occupy the greater space in your frame. Lighting is important when you are taking an up-close and personal shot, but if you are going to do it outside and want to show off the great sites Melbourne has to offer you need a spot where light and shadows are softer. Avoid spaces where the light shine directly at you. Walls and sides of buildings are great at providing the right interplay of light and shadows but a wall with great art like graffiti gives the picture an edge. Melbourne has some of the best graffiti covered alleyways. Most people know Hosier lane, but there are other great lanes like the ACDC lane, Caledonian Lane, Rodda lane, Rutledge lane and many more that have great wall art. Melbourne's laneways are perfect backdrops for profile pictures of young, artistic people that want pictures that say: “I'm a young, fun loving and vibrant person who is in touch with trends".

#2. The Abbotsford Convent

The Abbortsford convent offers a variety of spaces and facades that are good backgrounds for different people from. This place was once a convent and a university, so you can be sure there are plenty of walls that you can use as a background for professional LinkedIn profile pictures. But it's not only the buildings that make this a unique space for profile pictures, you can also use the beautiful and expansive gardens as a backdrop. This is a creative space, you will meet a lot of artists and photographers who would be more than happy to show you other hidden gems that will make your profile pictures stand out.

#3. Hamer Hall

Do you want to take a profile picture with the best view of Melbourne at dusk? Head on to Hamer Hall. Most photographers use this spot to take pictures of the Melbourne Cityscape with the Yarra river in the shot. You can avoid the crowds of Southbank and get the best side of Melbourne to provide the right context to your pictures. Remember to use the right camera equipment for night shots that will compensate for the lack of lighting that comes with night photography.

#4. St. Kilda Pier

There is no photography list that can be written about Melbourne without mentioning St. Kilda Pier. It might be a busy and touristy place, but for postcard perfect pictures, this is the place you shouldn't miss. The best time to get the best shots on the pier is Spring, and sunsets make the background more spectacular. So to avoid the crowd, and to get the best light go to St. Kilda in Spring just before the sun sets over the horizon.

#5. Heavenly Queen Temple

There are a lot of photo opportunities that can be found at the Footscray Community Arts Centre. There's a picturesque railway bridge and a hill that leads down to the Maribyrnong River where you can take the best cityscape picture. There is so much that goes on around the area, it can be distracting, which is why heading off and setting up your shots at the a heavenly Queen Buddhist Temple will work for profile pictures. It is peaceful here and you can walk around to find great spots for shots. The best time to visit Footscray is around sunset when the crowds begin to dwindle.