Top 5 Spots for Profile Pictures in San Francisco

If you want that iconic profile picture that screams "SAN FRANCISCO", then you've come to the right place. These are our five favorite places for snagging profile pictures in SF.

Are you a photographer absorbed by the dilemma of where to take your clients for profile picture photos? Well, if you are in San Francisco, then your problem is sorted right away. Look! There are several spots for profile pictures in San Francisco we will only list some but a few. You have a choice to take your clients to the best spots for profile pictures in San Francisco or wait to see them moving to the next neighbor who does so.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Looking at the bridge, puzzles take one for more than a couple of minutes trying to reconcile how it may have come to be. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the best-known landmarks of the city. The feature is unique and hence most of the visitors more the foreign one would like to show others that they were in San Francisco. As such it remains as one of the un-assumed spots for profile pictures in San Francisco. Photographs in the bridge can be shot from different orientations including when the individual is on the deck; another one can be taken from the fort point end. The most entertaining is the old rusty chains hanging ready to peak your photograph with zest.

The Bay Bridge

Another essential spot for profile pictures in San Francisco is the bay bridge. The magnificence of the bridge is being forgotten are a fast rate than aver .to these who knows it well will tell you that it’s a very import bat scene for taking photographs. The cool pilling’s that seems to be poking outside water lining up and shooting later. Equally when one is moving from the pier one will encounter a perfect view of shooting a profile picture ever.

Crocker Galleria

Not everyone is a fan of shopping, but there's more to this mall than meets the eye. Crocker Galleria is not meant only for shipping purposes, its beauty and outline shows that it was intended for other recreational activities photo taking being one of them. Shooting your profile picture in the shopping arcade. The light that is designed inside the building just renders it photogenic.

Transamerica Building,

Being in Francisco, one would hardly miss seeing the Transamerica Building,

One of the challenges to most buildings in town is to find its location. The building is designed in a way that its walls are designed. The connection that the building brings to the sky makes the whole profile picture take part of the air in the background. It appears nice as its color also blends with that of the sky.

Cupid's Span

Lastly, spot for profile pictures in San Francisco is not complete without including the anything like Cupid's Span. The image is located along the Embarcadero. It’s large enough to be covered by the use of a full photo. When the profile pic is taken it covers the whole of the Cupid's Span.It too projects into the atmosphere as well when the picture is taken on one side the image includes the blue sky.