Top 5 Spots for Profile Pictures in Seattle

Where does that quintessential Seattle Linkedin or Facebook profile picture happen? These are our favorite spots for you to consider.

Apart from the gloomy weather, there is a lot to love about Seattle. Taking a profile picture in such surroundings can be a breeze since Seattle has a lot to offer in that department. It is a place where urbanism meets nature, allowing a diverse range of options for beautiful photography. Its appeal lies mostly in its beautiful natural features. Sceneries of greenery and water will please the eyes of every new-coming visitor that wants to explore this Emerald city. Whether you are drawn by the natural beauty or the eclectic, urban sights, there is something for you in this all-embracing, unique city. The possibilities are endless in Seattle, so you can take your pick between gorgeous natural landscapes or an urban panorama as the backdrop for your next profile picture.

1. Pike Place Market

The market can be simply described as a spectacle of noises, colors, personalities, and banter, capturing Seattle's true essence. It paints the city for what it is: unique and proud to be so. It is a famous tourist spot nevertheless, so an early setup will give you great opportunities to capture the gorgeous morning light undisturbed, or in the evening, once the city settles down after a hard day's work. Also, make sure to check out one of the oddest (and unhygienic) sights in Seattle, the infamous gum wall, that you can find in lower Post Alley.

2. Seattle Waterfront

There are a number of spots for taking profile pictures with the scenic waterfront as a background. You will be amazed by the lovely views that this spot has to offer, including the grand Ferris wheel that is Seattle's brand-new waterfront attraction, known as the Seattle Great Wheel. The waterfront is a highly versatile place for taking profile pictures because you will have plenty of different viewpoints to work with,

3. Kerry Park

Deemed as the most picturesque spot in Seattle, Kerry Park is also known as the go-to place for the postcard picture of Seattle. A place that is often crowded with photographers, but the picture is worth the wait. The gorgeous skyline, the Space Needle centering the shot, and Mt. Rainer as a backdrop, you can't go wrong with this choice. The highly-exposed skyline will look stunning in whichever shade is brought by the hour of the day or the weather.

4. Golden Gardens

A park that is situated in the neighborhood Ballard that used to be a community of Scandinavian immigrants. The Golden Gardens park is famous for a stretch of beach that offers scenic views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. There are plenty of eye-pleasing sights to be found, such as forest trails, a fishing pier, and a rocky coastline.

5. Pioneer Square

Explore Seattle's "first neighborhood" to get a sense of this rich-in-history place, that is fully reminiscent of Seattle's past. You will discover old buildings, rich textures, art museums and a number of delicious restaurants. The Romanesque Revival architecture and the First Thursday art walks will amaze you and provide ideal backgrounds for fabulous profile pictures.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager