Top 5 Spots for Senior Photos in Seattle

These are our favorite spots for taking graduation photos and senior photos in Seattle.

Seattle is home to an array of breathtaking scenery, among these you can find venues perfect for graduation photos. Here is a list of every type of backdrop, for every type of graduate, so you're sure to find your customers ideal setting for their Graduation Photography in Seattle. Numbers of venues are listed if need, as well as if they expect you to pay for parking. 

Pike Place Market

Here you can find a more colorful’ backdrop for your senior photos; with trolleys of crowds roaming, and beautiful city buildings. You might want to bring water, because midday is the best time to take photos here - the high hung sun creates bold shadows. 

No Pass Needed, Parking Fee

Post Alley

For Your Graduates Who Want A More City’ Vibe to Their Snapshots.

Post Alley offers a bunch of different viewpoints to take photos from; shops, the street, rooftops. Day or night you are sure to be able to capture your Graduate in the perfect lighting. During the day the sun creates dramatic shadows, and at night you can find colored luminescence glowing. 

No Pass Needed, Parking Fee


This one has a more abnormal city’ feeling to it, a beautifully erie backdrop. The grass is always beautiful, and this isn’t a central hangout for tourists or locals.

Magnuson Park

If They Can’t Decide On A Country Theme Or A Water Background.

If you’re looking for multiple choices you can rest assured that Magnuson Park has most of them. From abandoned (but clean) warehouses, to dirt roads, lakes, architecture feeling like it was shipped straight from Rome, and even 21st century sculptures. Their grass is always cut to perfection, their white fences always clean. Pictures from atop sailing boats is possible due to the docks, although a call ahead might be needed in order to do so. 

Call Ahead Recommended (206) 684-4946, Parking Fee

Kerry Park

For Graduates Who Want Skyline Shots.

This backdrop features the iconic Space Needle, and many other picturesque buildings in the exemplary Seattle horizon. For warm lighting; July is the perfect time of year, although a crowd is expected year around. 

You can find less tourist at Parsons Park, just down Highland Drive, but the skyline isn’t as desirable. 

Olympic Sculpture Park

This stunning backdrop allows for you to get a close look at the Space Needle in your Graduates photos, but also letting you keep the regular hustle and bustle of Seattle life in the distance. The lovely view is coupled with a display of colorful abstract architectural designs.

Belltown P-Patch

Belltown P-Patch is a truly Breathtaking view with rustic tones and beautiful annuals. Lovely lighting any time of day, but especially sunrise or sunset. 

Chihuly Garden and Glass

If you want show stopping photos, regardless of who's behind the lens (some people just aren’t photogenic), have a photoshoot at Chihuly Garden and Glass. This place exhibits not only beautiful gardens, but beautiful glass gardens as well. 

Call Ahead Recommended (206) 753-4940, Parking Fee