Top 5 Spots for Watch Sunsets in Phoenix

Sunsets in the desert can last for hours, and that's definitely the case in Phoenix. Check out these five great spots to watch the sunset in Phoenix.

Are you a nature lover? Do you delight in watching sunsets and other wonders of nature? Do you take pictures while at this? If yes then Phoenix may just be the place for you. The Arizona city boasts of several locations where nature lovers can savor sunsets. Here is a list of five places where you can watch and capture sunset in Phoenix:

1. McDowell Sonoran Preserve

Even before you lay your eyes on the sun as it sets in the distance, McDowell Sonoran Preserve will itself captivate you. What's there to be seen here? You may ask. Well, McDowell is a very scenic park in Nothern Scottsdale. It teems with a diverse specie of fauna which sits atop a vast stretching landscape.

The allure of the sunset in this place is the striking manner in which it unfolds. The mountains first turn mauve-like in hue and the Sonoran cacti take in the orange reddish tone of the setting sun. You can't help but notice their beguiling outline at such moments.

You can catch the sunset at any of the five trailhead of the urban park. You only need to bring a great camera with you to help you capture it in its fullness.

2. Different Pointe of View

A part of the North Mountain, Different Pointe of View is perhaps the best place to catch the Arizona sunset. Not only does it let you vividly see the sun disappear behind the horizon, it also offers you a panoramic view of Phoenix city.

There's a rich aura of charm and serenity around this place. It can serve as ideal spot for a couple wishing to go on an evening date. All you'll need is some cocktail drinks to bond over plus of course a camera with which to capture the stunning sunset.

3. South Mountain Park

South Mountain Park offers you unrivalled exploration of Arizona's nature trails. The park has an array trails along which you can hike and get to the mountain's top. The hikes are quite fun and have been described as fulfilling by many a tourists in the area.

The mountain top offers a delightful view of the sunset. It's almost like watching the sun take a slow-paced dip into the Arizona clouds. The view of the valley below is equally stunning. Just don't forget to snap it too even as you snap the disappearing sun.

4. Hole in the Rock

Located in Papago Park, Hole in the Rock is another strategic place to watch sunsets. It provides unhindered view of the setting sun and a magical view of the Phoenix cityscape.

Furthermore, hiking to top is pretty easy. It only takes you a few minutes to get to the Rock and enter its famous hole. You then view the surrounding from either side of the rock.

5. Wrigley's Mansion

This beautiful mansion in Telewa Trail lets you enjoy sunsets almost effortlessly. You only need to walk up the staircase and there you are, you will be treated to one of the best Arizona sunset views.

Pick up your camera and go knocking on that door. It's time you saw the sun vanish from the Arizona skyline. It's indeed a venture worth your time.