Top 5 Spots for Watching Sunsets in Atlanta

Next time you're driving around Atlanta, consider stopping by these five spots for the evenings - they're great for sunsets!

Ever wondered why people love watching sunsets in Atlanta? Atlanta vacation can never be complete without a sunset view. Sunset lovers get to enjoy brief but enthralling views of the sun these views are complete with phenomenon golden rays making the moments very special. For those who love photography, Atlanta is the place for you because you will get various locations where you can take awesome sunset pictures with your loved ones. The article seeks to offer 5 awesome places to view or photograph Atlanta sunset with style. Read on for more!

1. Jackson Street Bridge 

Sitting gorgeously on a historic structure in Atlanta, this iconic bridge is located above Freedom Parkway giving renowned positions from which you can take sunset photos. From when the sun rises until it goes down, you can never make a mistake when taking a photo from this position. This gives you a proof of how sunset pictures can come out nice. Also, it is easy to change locations and take several pictures from the same location.

2. Piedmont Park 

This location is many things to Atlanta. It is a spectacular place for a family fun day, a walk with your dog, and also a lover’s picnic. If you love going out for a photo-shoot with friends, the place will suit you well and when it comes to sunset photos, it is awesome. You can view the sunset from various angles and take pictures changing locations as much as you want. Visit the park in the evening and enjoy the sunset view with style.

3. Lindbergh Marta Station

For the best sunset view, go to the parking deck’s top. There lies a special sunset view of the skyline as well as the sunset view option. This is the best place to spend your evening after a busy day. Remember to bring your camera to capture the moment as the sun goes down leaving the beautiful golden rays. It is a place that you should never miss when it comes to sunset photography. 

4. Stone Mountain

Here, numerous people come for a view of a sunset in Atlanta. For this reason, Stone Mountain gives a sunset adventure pass for those wanting to view this wonderful event. You can save on admission to the park after when you buy this special sunset ticket. With thisticket, you can have access to various attractions as you take pictures of the sunset up to From where you sit, you will be able to enjoy your drink while watching sunset or nature’s cinema.

5. Atlanta’s restaurants

Several Atlanta’s restaurants offer awesome views of the sunset that you cannot afford to miss. Some of these restaurants include Nikolai’s roof, Polaris, Park Tavern, as well as The Sun Dial. These restaurants give you several photography options. All you need is grab your camera and keep it set as you ride up the elevator. When you reach on top, where you can enjoy the view and make the most out of the moment. 

There is really no bad location to view sunset in Atlanta. Once you have made it to the locations, enjoy the sunset to the fullest since it is not who you are with but where you are and as long as you are here, you will really enjoy it. If you have been thinking of where to send you Easter Holiday, make the trip to Australia and let the richness of the city take you on a memorable journey of wonderful sunsets!