Top 5 Spots to Take Profile Pictures in San Diego

Whether you're a local trying to rep the scene, or a visitor who wants to share your travels, you should check out these 5 great spots for taking profile photos in San Diego.

Best spots to take photos in San Diego written by: kpeter14

Millions of tourist and business travelers visit San Diego as one of the most attractive cities in the world. These travelers tour San Diego to view and appreciate the beautiful scenery around the town and also to take in the warm weather. However, the visitors love taking photographs thus it is essential for the photographer to know lovely spots for profile pictures in San Diego.

We're especially interested in those iconic San Diego vantage points that make for great profile pictures to show off where you're from and where you've been.

1. The church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints La Jolla

This is one of the iconic spots for profile pictures in San Diego. The church is white and designed to look like something out of a Fairy Tale. The church is beautiful, and the best place to take your pictures is around the huge green lawns in front of the church. During the night the temple is well lit up thus providing pretty photos, however, taking your shoot during the day is the best. You can google the direction of the temple and go down a few roads.

2. Balboa Park San Diego

Balboa Park is one of United States largest urban park which was ideally built for the World’s Fair. The park has maintained its old buildings and also provides the home for the world best zoos know as San Diego Zoo. This is one of the best spot photographers prefer to shoot engagement photos. The old buildings offer the perfect backdrop by recreating an aura of timeless old Spanish colonial era. The area has impressive spots for taking photos including the reflection pool where night time photos look beautiful.

3. Chicano Park Logan Heights San Diego

Chicano Park is home to vibrant Latino history. The location of the part is underneath the Coronado Bay Bridge, and it has the most beautiful wall paintings. The local artist constantly paints on the sides of the freeway and pillars which often tell amazing stories. Photographer will find this place awesome as a backdrop for shooting portraits. Photography and art is the best way to express and appreciate nature. 

4. Star of India/San Diego Maritime

This is an old merchant ship that used to operate during the turn of the century. The old ship looks like an old Pirates of the Caribbean ship that surprisingly you can board the ship and take several photos of it. Moreover, when you buy a ticket, you are allowed access to four more vessels such as the Russian submarine. These areas provide excellent spots for profile pictures in San Diego. This is a very interesting place where you can visit or experience life in old time ships. 

5. Salk Institute of La Jolla

The Salk Institute is an amazing architectural place which provides the best photography shooting opportunity in San Diego. The only place you can take photographs is on the street because most places are reserved for employees. Additionally, a gliding port is next to the Salk Institute which provides excellent spots for profile pictures in San Diego. Here you can take beautiful pictures of San Diego architecture.