Top 5 Spots to Take Sunset Photos in Portland

Sunsets are truly nature's light show, and when you're visiting Portland, these are the best spots to watch it - at least when it's not raining!

Watching the sun set is an amazing experience that never gets old. All we can do is enrich this experience by finding beautiful places that will make it all the more memorable. If you would like to enjoy a sunset and take amazing photographs to document your trip then I recommend visiting Portland, Oregon. It is a beautiful city with lots of amazing spots that will give any sunset fanatic what they desire. Here is a list of the best sunset views in Portland.

1). Mt. Tabor

If you want an adventure then this is the perfect place to be. You can choose to hike there or ride a bike. It offers a stunning view all year round. In the spring there are beautiful wildflowers and the trees have the most vibrant colors. The sun sets into green or gray hills and you will enjoy a wonderful spectacle as the city comes to life in the evening. you will be able to watch the transition from evening to night and enjoy star gazing in the summer.

2). Pittock Mansion

If you are up to visiting any historic sites then you should go to the Pittock mansion. It belonged to Henry Pittock who was a pioneer publisher. The chateau has beautiful French Renaissance styles that make the mansion an absolute pleasure to view and photograph. The view of the city from the east side is amazing. You will enjoy a one of a kind glimps of Mt Hood and a truly inspiring sunset that you will remember for a long time to come.

3). Council crest

As the highest point in Portland it stands at 1,073 feet above sea level. If you want to share a romantic sunset with your partner then this is the best place to be. You will have the perfect view of Mt St Helen, Mt Hood and a sneaky glimps of Mt Rainier. Adding to the photographic potential of the spot is a rock circle that forms a huge compass.

4). International rose test garden

It's a world class garden that hosts over 650 different types of roses. You can enjoy a lovely view of the city amidst all the gardens a beauty. The skyline from the eastern edge is absolutely spectacular. The ambiance provides for a dreamy sunset. Better yet you will have a wonderful time taking pictures from different places and documenting the beauty.

5). Vista house

Another wonderful historic site is the vista house. Built in 1918 it offers a breathtaking view of the sunset. You get a view of the river as it reflects shades of pink and orange as the sun goes down. Talk about the perfect picture moment for your album.

Whether you are a native or a visitor, Portland offers sites that are bound to make you fall in love with sunsets. . So take your partner and rekindle your flame, or go out with your friends and family and have a spectacular evening. Take advantage of the potential the city offers to photographers. That has been your scoop of the best sunset views in Portland. Enjoy!