Top 5 Spots to Watch the Sunset in Brisbane

Let's hear it for a perfect Australian sunset - check out these perfect spots to watch one in Brisbane!

Five splendid places to watch the sun set in Brisbane written by: jowal01 There is nothing as refreshing as watching the sun set. However, many people find it difficult to find the perfect spot to watch the sun go down the horizon. Apart from giving you that cozy feeling, sunsets are also great for photographers who love to share their artwork. Additionally, you can use the pictures to create great memories of your sunset views in Brisbane, Australia.Without further ado. let us check the top spots for the perfect sun set views.

Woody Point

This is one of the best places to watch the sun set. It is located at the south eastern side of Australia and it is a port city. the sunset watch is made amazing over this spot because the sun gives a glow to the pacific ocean. There is also a wreck that makes the sunset even more interesting. By the way, watch out for fishermen, you may just get a glimpse of them going on with their business.

Kangaroo Point

Kangaroo point has very many spots that you can choose to watch the sunset in Brisbane.You can either choose to watch the sun set over the city by walking up the cliffs or you may decide to watch from the rocks. Whichever route you choose, you will have a perfect view. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is a perfect place to combine sunset watching with rock climbing(a great bargain if you ask me!)

Wilson's Outlook

If you are a cityscape lover. then this is the perfect spot for you to watch the sun go down. The beauty of this point is that you will be able to see the city lights come to life as the sun gives way to dusk. It is at this point too, that visitors and locals alike at treated to the splendid view of the Story Bridge. Although New Year's Eve fireworks festival and the Brisbane river fire festival happen after the sun has set, it is worth hanging around to watch the festivities.


A vantage point gives you a clearer view of things even if the thing is the sun set. There is no better place for sunset views in Brisbane than the naturally elevated Straddle lookout spot.From this vantage point. you can see the sun set over the city. This gives you a perfect view of the city and the glows of the disappearing sun rays in the back drop.


One of the things that makes this a perfect place for sunset views in Brisbane is the Old jetty and the lighthouse. From this points, you can watch the spectacular sun set. Since this is a bay land location, it is quite common to see kayaks, canoes and kite surfers. the perfect time to take pictures is when the ocean is calm. the reflections on the water are just splendid and the sunset view is breath taking.

Taking a a holiday is one thing but having great sights while at it is quite a different matter altogether. there are few things that beat the feeling of sitting back and watching the sun set.May it be over a city's horizon or behind the ocean, the feeling is magical. The above mentioned locations will ensure that your sunset views in Brishane will be sites to behold.