Top 5 Spots to Watch the Sunset in Dallas

I guess it make sense that the lone star state would have amazing sunsets - it is our favorite star after all. These are our five favorite spots to watch the sunset in Dallas.

Texas sunsets never get old! Every evening gives a majestic view across the horizon- blending shades of gold, lavender, saffron, and pink into a single painting in the sky. Whether you want to capture the view on camera or simply share it with your loved ones, you will

surely enjoy. However, to photograph and view virtually the entire horizon, you need to select your location keenly. As any proud Dallas resident will tell you, everything is bigger in Dallas. This makes it challenging to decide on the best places to begin your Dallas sunset photography journey. However, that should no longer worry you since this article seeks to give some of the best places to view and photograph sunset in Dallas.

1. Joe Pool Lake

This beautiful lake in Grand Prairie consists of multiple marinas and lake parks. To get the best sunsets, you can visit Creek Park and Marina where you can enjoy the view of the sunset over the calming water on the patio of Oasis Restaurant. This location is a great family or group fun activities. You can rent a boat, bring your fishing gear, or simply sit back and watch ducks as they swim, and of course, enjoy taking as much sunset view pictures as you can.


2. Lake Carolyn

The lake offers a picturesque, Dallas vibe with an urban backdrop. Here, you can ride the romantic gondolas or sail through the canals,

take a walk around the lake as you enjoy the views of the beautiful sunset with golden rays piercing through the modern building in the area. Visit the lake in the evening for the best sunset pictures.

3. Upper Deck at Globe Life Park

While some people might overlook a sports venue as an ideal spot to view the sunset, you need to consider visiting this park which is home to Dallas Rangers. Whether you decide to visit alone, with family, or with friends, nothing beats the golden view of Dallas sunset.

You can enjoy the perfect view as you take pictures from numerous angles.

4. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

Arboretum is mostly known for its stunning curated vegetation. However, what you did not know is that it is the best places to watch the beautiful sunset over the Dallas skyline. You will enjoy the view of the White Rock Lake and the view of the gleaming building is simply amazing. 

For the best photographic spot, move to the Martin Rutchik Concert Stage and take that memorable photo. It is a spot that you should not miss for anything in the world.

5. Delany Vineyards

Being home to a rustic and elegant space overlooking ten juicy acres, you can enjoy an ultimate pairing of sunset view and wine sipping. You can watch the sunset and groove into the sunset rhythm and wine night and live music on Thursday nights in the summer. Sunset

views on this location are awesome and you can easily change locations to take various pictures.

Well, there you have it. If you have been wondering about the best places to enjoy take pictures and enjoy the view of the best sunset in Dallas, now you know where to go next. While this is just but an iceberg of what Dallas has to offer when it comes to sunset views, what

you need to is to include Dallas in your next itinerary and enjoy all that it has to offer.