Top 5 Spots to Watch the Sunset in Los Angeles

Next time you visit Los Angeles, check out these beautiful spots to watch the sun sink beneath the horizon. Thank us later!

Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the United States and known by its initials, LA. It is well known for its role in Hollywood movies but also has a chance for sunset views. It has an extensive landscape with a variety of parks which give various hiking sports and at the same time give a scenic site to watch the sunset. In fact, LA was named to have “most Instagrammable sunsets in the whole world”

At sundown, as the sun disappears below the horizon, its rays are refracted by the atmosphere hence distorted. The view then is magnificent and worth a catch for an eye. Below are some of the best places that you do not want to miss a chance to watch the sunset views in Los Angeles.

Griffith Observatory

This is located in Griffith Park and has been an admired landmark since the time for its opening back in 1935. It offers unhindered views of famous word Hollywood sign, Pacific ocean and Downtown LA. Most importantly, at any given time of the year, the sunset is always beautiful and can be captured at the many vintage points located at Griffin Park.

Ascot Hills Park

The park is located East of Downtown LA and offers a scenic view of the sunset. On a gorgeous evening, once you enter the gates, take a hiking trail and follow the path to the top of the hill to relax and observe as the sun goes below the horizon.

High rooftop bar at Hotel Erwin

Being a rooftop one has the advantage of watching the sunset until it’s only a small diameter below the horizon. It is actually perfect for watching the sunset all year round. However since it’s a bar and lounge, age restriction applies thus its only allowed for those who are 21 and above with a government issued legal identification.

J. Paul Getty Museum

Museums are mostly for a look at the artistic work that his hanged there as well as ancient objects. However, J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles offers more than the museum work inside but a chance to view an attractive sunset. This is more efficient once the park is opened late at in the evening on a clear day.

Malibu State Creek Park

The park preserves the Malibu Creek Canyon located in Santa Monica Mountains in Los Angeles. From one of its vintage points, a clear and admirable sunset can be watched every other day on a warm evening. The view is actually breathtaking though it gets dark really quickly thus the need to be accompanied or organized for a drive.

Are you visiting Los Angeles or California and you have craved for long a view of a gorgeous sunset? Then there is a chance to visit one of these places to give you the perfect and unforgettable view that you are looking for. Be it the park, the Griffin observatory or the museum, the view is guaranteed on a warm and clear evening in the sky. These are the best five places that will give you beautiful sunset views in Los Angeles.