Top 5 Spots to Watch the Sunset in Perth

Perth might be the best spot to watch the sunset in Australia as it's the largest city on the West Coast - and sunsets just feel weird if they're not going into the ocean. These are our five favorite viewpoints!

Sunsets are one of the most beautiful phenomenon of the mother nature. And if you are in Perth, Australia’s most beautiful location, then you should not miss the awesome sunset views in Perth. There are a few places in Perth where the view becomes much more beautiful, and as a traveler, you must experience this beautiful scene to make your trip to Perth memorable.

1. Colonial Gardens

For a nature lover who is looking for a perfect green grassland, mansions, or scenic views of sunset, the Colonial Gardens is a perfect place. The place provides almost all the things that a traveler or a photographer will ever need. Whether it is about the perfect background for images, or just a place to relax with family, you can really do a lot of things here. And believe us, the sunsets are truly amazing here. Just wait for the right moment, and you will get the best sunset photo of your life.

2. Reabold Hill

A great view of sunset in the beautiful Indian ocean. What else you can ask for a perfect sunset scene. The Reabold Hill is 93 meters above the sea level and provides an outstanding view of the ocean. In addition to be at a flawless picture-perfect place, you can enjoy one of the best sunset views in Perth from this spectacular hill.

So, if you are visiting Perth specially for getting some really great images for your memories, then you should once visit the Reabold Hill for the sunset.

3. Zig Zag Scenic Drive

Apart from the hairpin turns and awesome driving location, the Zig Zag Scenic drive offers a brilliant panoramic view of Perth water, Reabold Hill, and the airport. The range is about 25 km long, and you can easily find a perfect spot to capture the beautiful scene of sunset through your camera. In addition to this, you can also enjoy the nature while driving through the darling range.

In other words, the Zig Zag Scenic Drive is truly a heaven for the nature lovers, and those who want to capture a beautiful scene that will help them remember the trip to Perth.

So, next time when you are planning to visit Perth, make sure visit this place at the time of sunrise or sunset to make your trip worth remembering.

4. Park Street in Scarborough

Another unusual but worthy place where you can get the great sunset views in Perth is the Park Street in Scarborough. Although you may need to find a place that provides the best view, but believe us, it is worth trying to reach for, and you will love the experience.

5. Point Resolution Reserve

Sunset looks tremendous in the Swan lake, and you can experience it best from the point resolution reserve. This is a perfect family destination, and a worthy place for the travelers who are willing to spend quality time with their loved ones. The lake on one side and bushland on other makes it a perfect place for the photographers too.

So, if you are a professional photographer, or just want to see something exceptional in Pert, then we would highly recommend you to visit the places listed above to get some really beautiful photos and a breathtaking experience.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager