Top 5 Spots to Watch the Sunset in Washinton DC

Even though it's not on a beach or sitting beneath a mountain range, there are many great places to watch and photograph sunsets in Washington DC. These are our favorite!

Number One - The Washington Monument

Photographers report that the Washington Monument is best viewed at sunset, and they couldn't be less wrong. The oranges, purples, pinks, blues, and yellows cast a glow around the shadow figure of the monument that is simply breathtaking. Even the amateur photographers would be able to pull off this shot. 6:10 is the perfect time to go catch a shot, but its recommended pictures are taken half an hour to an hour before or after sunset. Though, it really depends on what colors your trying to get.

Number Two - Hains Point

Hains Point is an astounding view that looks over the water where the Potomac River meets the Anacostia River. Around 6:00 pm you can view the sun setting over the horizon. From Hains Point, a sliver of land can be seen across the river. It's beautiful to see the sun fall upon the distant land.

Number Three - The National Capitol Columns

The National Capitol Columns are a group of 22 Corinthian columns set in a rectangle in Ellipse Meadow. The columns stand tall and beautiful day to day. At sunset, if you stand facing west (where the sun is setting), the columns turn to silhouettes. Tall, beautiful soldiers standing still at night.

Number Four - Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin is a partially man-made area that sits between the Potomac River and the Washington Channel. It's a water body surrounded by cherry blossom trees, which are cast in beautiful tints of color at sunset. Across the water, the Washington Monument can be seen. This is also an area used for the National Cherry Blossom Festival in the spring, which can bring even more beautiful photos to come.

Number Five - The Spanish Steps

No, I don't mean the ones in Rome. There's a set of Spanish Steps in DC, built in 1905 - not quite as old, but equally gorgeous. At these Spanish steps, around sunset, you can catch the sun setting over the canopy of trees, where little bits of light seep through the leaves and cast down towards the forest floor.

With sunsets, there's so many magnificent colors scattered around, this pure beautiful mess to tell us that the sun will be leaving for the night. But that's okay though, right? Because you always know that the sun will be back at sunrise with many more alluring colors to enchant us into our days.

Adam Griffith

Marketing Manager