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Choosing The Right Menu Photographer To Showcase Your Dishes

Learn how to select the best menu photographer to boost your restaurant's appeal with attractive, high-quality food photographs.
Darren Blench
Enterprise Partnerships

Choosing The Right Menu Photographer To Showcase Your Dishes

Upgrading your restaurant’s virtual appearance or revamping the images on your menu is a decision that can change your customers’ perception and interaction with your brand. The right choice of menu photographer can transform how your meals are presented and visualized, attracting more customers. This guide outlines everything you need to know to find the perfect menu photographer.

Understanding Your Needs

Before you search for a photographer, you must determine what you need from the photoshoot. Do you need them for your website or social media, or do you use a third-party delivery service? The platform can have different requirements for the style of composition.


For example, Kezia Nathe, a Vancouver-based photographer, has noted that social media and website photos can be more creative and use styled models, aspiring color palettes, and backdrops for the brand, as opposed to listings, which may need to have more specific guidelines. Better defining what you need can help you to find a suitable photographer.

Finding The Right Photographer

The first component in food photography is selecting a photographer. Due to the abundance of photographers, you may need help with this task. However, not all photographers can capture you well because this type of photography requires special skills and equipment. If you have limited access to the locals, you can search for a photographer in another city or region.

Ensuring Style Alignment

Finding a photographer with a suitable style for your brand’s aesthetic is essential. For example, if your restaurant serves visually appealing, colorful dishes, a photographer whose portfolio comprises dark, moody photography might not be appropriate.


Look at their portfolios and consider how their photography might emphasize your dishes and fit your restaurant's branding. The key is to create the optimal dining experience picture that aligns with and strengthens your brand.

What to Ask Potential Photographers?

Once the shoot is over, it is challenging to request a re-shoot if you don’t like their work. As such, ensure you ask the following questions.

1. Duration and Logistics of the Shoot:

You must understand how long the photoshoot will take and how much it will interfere with your business. Be sure to talk to the photographer about how much time each dish will take and plan accordingly so your typical routine is smooth. It is essential to ensure that the chef and the photographer are well prepared and that the shoot is without hitches or unnecessary delays.

2. Licensing Agreement:

Image usage conditions should be outlined in the contract, including from which locations and how the photo is acquired—for social media, your restaurant's website, published menus, or other materials and advertising. This may prevent a future disagreement concerning the use and rights. The contract should also clarify how long these photos can be used, whether they can be edited, or if the rights can be transferred to a third party.

3. On-site Requirements:

In addition, you should also indicate which team members need to be present during the shoot to support the photographer. This may be the chef who will cook dishes, the bartender who will pour drinks, and possibly the food stylist who monitors each dish to ensure it looks perfect. Their signals may be necessary to conclude which visual results are best, as each has their expertise, which the photographer may not possess due to his specialization.

4. Preparation for Best Results:

While it will be up to the photographer to direct the shoot, the most important thing is what your dishes will look like. Share with the photographer any special styling requests or the two or three special aspects that should be encouraged in the photos. You must also request some pointers on plating techniques and garnishes that will make your dishes more visually appealing. Food presentation made the most significant contribution to the final images.

Maximizing the Shoot

To ensure your food photography shoot provides the greatest results, here are some practical tips:

In The End:

Choosing a menu photographer may involve more than simply hiring a professional. Instead, the partnership will help turn your culinary masterpiece into an even more artistic spectacle, utilizing the power of inspiring pictures. What you want to achieve with your photo session, the artist's style compatibility with your brand, and your preparation are equally important.


These priorities will help you hit the bull's eye rather than just hitting the target. As a result, the output of the photos you receive will correspond to and exceed your needs. This will, in turn, enable you to reach more people, catch people's attention, and enhance your venue's reputation with the powerful tool of mouth-watering images. Ultimately, through well-prepared collaboration, a perfect choice will enable an ideal shot.

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Darren Blench
Enterprise Partnerships

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