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How to sell more hotel rooms and services to guests during COVID-19 with professional photography

Photography is the best way for hotels to sell more rooms and services to guests by focusing on the most important features during COVID-19.
Marshall Pierce
Enterprise Partnerships

Hotels are putting in a great deal of work to keep their staff and guests safe during COVID-19. Extra precautions, like making sure rooms are meticulously clean and that hotel services comply with new health regulations, are not only good for business, they are table stakes. But even with this extra work, attracting guests is tough in a pandemic. Hotels that want to help their bottom line need new creative marketing strategies to succeed during COVID-19, and here’s how professional photography is central to taking that step.

Show’em what you got!

Today’s travelers are unlikely to be a carefree, vacationing family or couple. They are business people, politicians, people who are displaced from their homes during COVID, or people making essential travel. And due to social distancing behaviors, they are going to be spending a lot more time in their rooms than they might have in 2019. Guests want spaces where they can work, eat, and relax without needing to go outside. And are looking for rooms that have comfortable seating, work areas, dining tables, and entertainment options to help make their in-room stays more enjoyable.

High-quality professional room photos are standard hotel marketing tactics and are more important now than ever. Using new photos that showcase the best rooms with lots of bright open windows, clutter-free and shiny surfaces, comfortable accommodations, separate seating areas and a variety of entertainment options will entice people who would rather be in their own home.

A Room with a View and Wide Open Spaces

Hotels can also use their grounds, and large indoor spaces to their advantage. New, refreshing shots of places to which guests can escape for some fresh air or take a nice walk are essential. Shots from a hotel garden, courtyard or room’s balcony will be appealing to guests that want to go outside without needing to risk going off the property.

Safety and Cleanliness as a marketing strategy

It’s inevitable: guests will be more concerned about the cleanliness of the hotel than ever. It’s an expectation in any normal year, but now it’s a public health question to many consumers. Hotels can use that to their advantage, with beautiful new shots of gleaming bathrooms, auto-check in services, and safely secured kitchen areas. Photographs that are taken with this in mind can help convince guests that rooms are safe and clean, and their lives can be led as normal.

Any safety measure, from a kind-looking staff member in a mask and gloves, to a sun-filled outdoor courtyard with separated tables can be photographed by a professional to look enticing, safe and comforting to consumers looking for accommodations.

People Still Gotta Eat...

Getting food in a hotel should be easy. Everyone loves room service! But now it’s more important than ever, as restaurant areas are closed or avoided by cautious consumers. Hotels can use this challenge to their advantage, showcasing nightly or weekly specials to compete with delivery services, and emphasizing the focus on cleanliness and safety, and prompt delivery to the guest rooms.

Having new, high-quality food photos will be the key to successfully promoting a hotel’s food services. Photos of appetizing dishes nicely displayed on a tray in a guest room, photos of nightly specials, new shots of each menu item to tempt hungry eyes, and shots of the chef with her exceptionally clean and safely-dispersed staff will go a long way to promote the hotel restaurant. Professional food photos like these will be irresistible to hungry guests stuck inside their rooms and should be advertised everywhere.


Photography is an extremely effective way for hotels to promote their rooms and services during COVID-19. To get the best photos, hotels should use Snappr, an on-demand professional photography service. With the largest network of professional food photographers, Snappr can get professional high-quality photos anywhere, on-demand, and with as little as 2 hours notice. And all Snappr shoots are also professionally edited, ensuring stunning pictures that hotels can use to show off their rooms and services.

Contact Snappr’s enterprise photography team to learn how we can provide professional photography for your hotel.

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Marshall Pierce
Enterprise Partnerships

Marshall Pierce leads partnerships for enterprise Food clients at Snappr. He has helped dozens of major players in the industry with their content strategy. He is available for a no-obligation consultation about your Food photography needs.

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