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6 minute read - Jun 04, 2020

How twilight photography can help hard-to-sell properties and improve selling price

How twilight photography helped sell an undervalued property for $20,000 above asking price.
Jordan Wright
Enterprise Partnerships

Sometimes a property will be undervalued and can remain on the market for months, resulting in poor optics, lower prices, and missed sales opportunities. Such properties are often in great condition but they fail to attract buyers on listings websites. Twilight photography can be a great way to breathe new life into these ‘cold listings’ and show off these properties in an entirely different light -- literally!

Investing in great real estate photos is critical to attracting home buyers online. And twilight photography can be a great technique to showcase properties that need a little extra to breakthrough. A case study on The National Association of Realtors shows just how successful twilight photography can be, helping sell a house that was on the market for over a year in less than a week.

“A buyer made an offer less than a week after I mounted the new images on my web site. Plus, the property sold for $20,000 over the asking price.” - Harry Parson, real estate broker

It’s plain to see how twilight photography transformed this listing from plain and bland to bold and exciting. Look at these before and after photos from the NAR case study.

Twilight photos are extremely effective at helping a property stand out in catalogs and online listings. It’s a great way to differentiate a property from other similar listings and increases online views and leads. Twilight photography works especially very well for high-value luxury properties to show more details, such as unique lighting or landscape features. And for all properties, the ideal time to take a twilight photo is of course at dusk, right after the sun sets and while there is still plenty of color in the sky.

Example of luxury home twilight photography by photographer Kirk Bergman.

Twilight photography is best done by a professional, as it requires specialized equipment and expertise in image editing. Images must be captured with multiple long exposures and fused together using the method of HDR in post-production software to achieve the best effect. A professional photographer will know how to best edit photos and how to prepare a house, such as turning on all the lights and opening all the blinds, to maximize the impact of a twilight photo!

Snappr has real estate photographers specializing in twilight photography that are ready to help. Snappr has the largest network of professional photographers and anyone can book a photographer, on-demand, with as little as 2 hours advance notice. Contact Snappr to get stunning twilight real estate photography that will help sell more houses than ever before.

Check out these breathtaking examples of Snappr twilight real estate photography.

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Jordan Wright
Enterprise Partnerships

Jordan Wright leads partnerships for enterprise Real Estate clients at Snappr. He has helped dozens of major players in the industry with their content strategy. He is available for a no-obligation consultation about your Real Estate photography needs.

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