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The Top Food Photographers In Atlanta: Elevating Your Restaurant's Image

Learn about local photography prices and meet Atlanta's best food photographers, who provide breathtaking visuals for restaurant photographs.
Darren Blench
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The Top Food Photographers In Atlanta: Elevating Your Restaurant's Image

The culinary scene in Atlanta is as vibrant as the city itself and more diverse than ever. Food photography must be noticed since a meal is only consumed when it must be seen. Food photographers in Atlanta play an essential role in bringing the art of cheating to a new level by turning food into a masterpiece that entices the eye and seduces the soul. Keep reading to learn about the best Atlanta food photographers and how they can help your restaurant excel.

1. Cassie Wright: The Art of Bold Visual Storytelling

Cassie Wright is a brilliant food and restaurant photographer from Atlanta. While working with numerous local and international clients, Wright flies to many countries worldwide, producing vibrant and picturesque marketing materials. 

Whether she’s shooting a tiny local diner or creating a portfolio for various worldwide food producers, she always assists new clients in telling their narratives. She frequently has her clients’ masterpieces lost in overwhelming media traffic.

2. Steve Thornton: Capturing the Essence of Culinary 

Steve Thornton is the head and photography director at, a group of food photographers and videographers. 

Food and dining are equally his passions, and as a professional, he can always capture the detailed essence of eating out excellently through a camera lens. His clients' social media presence is significantly boosted, their loyal clientele numbers multiply, and clients can use the increased revenue.

3. Kathryn McCrary: The Lived-in Lifestyle Approach

Kathryn McCrary uses a candid photo approach to the lifestyle genre by taking a natural and unrefined approach to the photographed scene. McCrary's distinctive style is about details: she composes her food in a way that tells the tale, using the lighting, the colors, and the dance in the plate to tell whatever story she thinks fits. Kathryn's almost organic ability to find the image for every food and product she photographs has made her a beloved collaborator of food products and lifestyle companies.

4. Ryan Carpenter: Fresh and Energetic Visuals

Ryan Carpenter is a food and beverage photographer who radiates a genuine passion for the creative process. With a convenient location in Atlanta, his work has appeared in several well-known magazines, including Eater Atlanta and Atlanta Magazine. Refreshing and energetic, Carpenter is a go-to choice for many local and national brands.

5. Angie Webb: A Diverse Visual Palette

A Well-Rounded Visual Palette in Diversity Angie Webb, with over fifteen years of experience in 2006, has shot everything from weddings to food. Food and Wine and Forbes are among the publications in which she has published work, demonstrating her wide culinary pedal. Atlanta-based Webb's photography shows the food on the plate and the people and creativity that go into each meal.

6. Bagwell+Protasio: A Creative Culinary Duo

Iain Bagwell and Victor Protasio work together in food photography to create projects that favor a collaborative vision. Together, they expand the opportunities food images present to the viewer, driving away standard thinking. Bagwell and Proassio's work is reflected in joint projects with the best prop and food stylists. At the same time, the photographs are noteworthy for the author's ideas and a fresh look at the usual.

7. Mark O'Tyson: Veteran Visual Expertise

Mark O’Tyson, working in the field for more than 25 years, is a prolific outright photographer and filmmaker in the scope of food. He operates his own Atlanta laboratory, which allows him to create multifaceted compositions. His partnership with national and international clients exemplifies his capability of always giving more than asked.

8. Andrew Thomas Lee: A Culinary Storyteller

Andrew Thomas Lee captures the importance of cultural food and community storytelling in his photographic works. Having made a name in the Atlanta food scenario, the leading publications in the field regularly feature him, and he visits local culinary celebrities during his photo shooting career. 

Lee's works do more than photograph food: they narrate stories of the everyday rituals and life reactions behind eating. Beyond sheer culinary art, his images depict tales of heritage and creativity; thus, he has become a vital expression of Atlanta's spicy food tradition.

9. Luis Erazo: Bold Culinary Visions from Art to Plate

Luis Erazo, an art direction powerhouse, has merged his zeal for food photography with a broad history in the industry. Originating from Puerto Rico to the States, Erazo’s lens strives to provide a unique viewpoint for his photos, with a zeal for culinary creative spinning. 

Erazo boldly pictures its modeling dishes, inviting those who look at them to explore more and determine the various components that make up the meal. Erazo has collaborated with some of the biggest company brand names across many areas of his portfolio of works and continuously proves how adaptable he can be in any environment for a lifetime.

10. Greg DuPree: Capturing Culinary Emotions Artistically

Greg DuPree's career was influenced by a love of comic books and painting, which is still evident in his style of food photography. DuPree has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Georgia State University and specializes in images that create a vivid sense of place and are emotionally appealing. DuPree's works for Cooking Light and Southern Living demonstrate his ability to cater to local and national clientele.

Understanding Food Photography Costs in Atlanta

Food photography costs in Atlanta vary significantly from one photographer to another, mainly depending on experience, project complexity, and usage rights. However, to help you estimate how much you would need to spend on photography in a budget-friendly way, here is a simple guide:

Wrapping Up:

Atlanta's food photographers are at the forefront of restaurants' and brands’ marketing strategies. Transforming everyday dishes into works of art, these photographers are irreplaceable associates in the cutting-through culinary business. 

With the right photographer, restaurants in Atlanta can improve their image, draw more customers, and increase their profits in the long term. These photographers take pictures of food and a snapshot of the people's passion and tale that went into making the dish. Thus, one can also remember them as artists.

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