5 minute read - Jun 08, 2021

Top 5 Snappr Food Photos for May 2021

It’s June, and it’s time for your monthly shout out to all of Snappr’s food and food delivery partners, who bring us gorgeous photographs of food every day. Each month, Snappr staff picks their favorites, and then we publish them for your pleasure. Compliments to the chefs - and props to the 10s of thousands of photographers working for Snappr’s partners!
Marshall Pierce
Enterprise Partnerships
Courtesy of El Mezzanine, in San Juan, Puerto Rico

This beautiful minimalist photo of liquid refreshment in PR makes us want to fly directly to the Caribbean and take up residence at the El Mezzanine bar in downtown San Juan. Speaking of which, we are all excited to start flying again soon too! How about you? Our thanks to Snappr photographer Jose V. for this shot.

Courtesy of Coconama Chocolate in North Vancouver, BC, Canada

OK, believe it or not this is chocolate. The staff picked the photo because the vibrant purple hue was mesmerizing. But after being told it was a flavored chocolate (sorry, that’s flavoured chocolate in Canada), we all had to look it up and find out what it was. I mean... it’s purple! Folks, this is blueberry chocolate and we would be lying if we told you we were not obsessed with it. As soon as Canada lets us back in, we are flying to Vancouver. ...or maybe we’ll just order from their website. Great photo taken by Snappr photographer Konstantine V.

Canada was just killin' it in May with the food photos! Check out this beautiful dish from The Good Son, in Toronto, Ontario This colorful eyeful is featured on their extensive menu. There were a dozen great photos of their cuisine but the blue plate and simplicity of this shot clinched it FTW. Photo by Snappr photographer Lana M.

Thanks to The Oak Restaurant in Mudgeeraba, Australia for this beautiful moment. While perhaps not the most striking photo per se, this image was chosen by the staff for the extravagant coffee foam art. It’s a swan holding a heart - I mean come on, people, that’s amazing. Someone in Mudgeeraba is quite an artist! Kudos to Snappr photographer Chrissy K. for a stellar shot.

The food at Verde in Boulder, Colorado surely tempts us. The staff argued over whether this shot or the various shots of mojitos were better. Editor’s choice, I went with the dishes because it shows the colorful splashes these chefs add to their cuisine. These guys started with a humble food truck and now they’re the toast of two Colorado towns! Delicious. Thanks to Snappr photographer Beth S. for this shot.

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