Community Guidelines

Respect is everything.

Snappr believes that each photoshoot is a meaningful human interaction - one that’s built on mutual trust and respect. We keep our community fun and productive by putting respect front and center in everything we do. Through this community guide, we hope to provide a safe space where precious memories are created, captured, and shared.

Respect each other’s individuality

Snappr prides itself on the diversity of its users. We strive to provide an inclusive community where individuality and creativity are celebrated.

Snappr does not condone any form of wrongful discrimination on the platform, such as on the basis of race, gender, socioeconomic status, political beliefs, or religion.We understand that while photographers may  exercise their creative expression in delivering photos, customers may have their own expectations on how their photos should turn out.

We encourage a healthy dialogue between both parties before, during, and after the shoot through our official communication channels to harmonize these factors and promote satisfaction for everyone involved.

Respect each other’s time

For Clients

Photographers are blocking off their time to work with you. Ensure that your calendar is clear for your booked photoshoot. We strongly recommend keeping the original booking scheduled to minimize disruption to the photographer’s schedule.

If something does come up, clients must give photographers enough lead time to accommodate change requests. Out of respect for photographers' time, Clients may be charged for cancellations without sufficient notice.

For Partner-Photographers

Our clients trust us to make it to their photoshoot on time, to be fully prepared with the right equipment, and to maintain a positive attitude.

Snappr aims to provide a seamless experience from booking to photo delivery, so uploading the client’s gallery promptly and on time is essential.

Cancellations and no-shows are highly discouraged, and may lead to account suspension.

Respect each other’s well-being

Fun and happiness are key to our community’s sense of safety. At Snappr, we respect and protect each other’s physical, mental, and emotional safety.

Honest feedback is highly prized in the Snappr community, but all dialogue  must be handled with professionalism.

Being rude and disrespectful towards any member of the community will not be tolerated, nor will physical, mental, or emotional harm or threats directed towards any member of the community.

Respect the rules

Each booking is unique. A shoot location may have its own rules and regulations, such as about  attire or decorum. We expect Snappr community members to abide by these rules and all applicable laws.

In no way should photographers be under the influence of alcohol or illicit substances while on a shoot, or be engaged in any form of illegal activity.Snappr will not tolerate misrepresentation, fraud, or any form of transaction between the photographer and customer.

Keep communications on the platform, and do not engage in off-platform transactions. These guidelines are part of our Terms of Service, and failure to follow them could result in suspension of your account.