5 minute read - May 30, 2020

How professional photography can help improve car detail page views by 349%

Using Snappr to take professional car photos can help increase used car detail page views by 349% and improve SEO rank for car websites.
Darren Blench
Enterprise Partnerships

Consumers looking to buy a car are using websites and online services more than ever before. In fact, a whopping 95% of car buyers will search online before purchasing a vehicle [1] and 76% of car buyers will search online as the very first step of their purchase journey [2].

Attracting buyers and obtaining new leads online is critical and a dealer’s car gallery plays an important role. Having professional car photos not only helps merchandise the vehicle better but also helps a dealer’s website rank higher for SEO, increase detail page views, generate more leads, and reduces time to sell.

A study by Cox Automotive shows that high-quality custom photos greatly outperform stock photos, and dealers that used high-quality custom photos saw an increase in new car detail page views by 133% and used car detail page views by 349% [3]!

Having high-quality photos matter, but so too does the number of photos. The same Cox study also shows that listings with more than 40 photos were viewed 64.8% more compared with listings that have less than 40 photos [4]. The average car buyer spends 96 days on the market looking for their next vehicle, and most of that time is spent online looking at car photos [5].

High-quality photos will also help dealers’ websites rank higher for SEO. The most important factor that determines SEO rank is having unique and valuable content, and professional car photos are the perfect way to achieve this. Having the best photos to use in galleries will ensure users spend more time on dealer’s websites and view more papes. These are the two strongest signals to Google that a website is providing valuable content and will help improve SEO rank over time - and drive more free organic traffic to a dealer’s website.

Professional photography is essential for car dealers to succeed online. And better photos will help attract more buyers, improve the performance of the dealer’s website, and generate more leads -- all of which will increase sales.

To get the best photos, companies should use Snappr, the best all-in-one photography solution for automotive photography. With the world’s largest network of professional photographers, Snappr can deliver professional quality photos anywhere and anytime, on-demand, and with as little as 2 hours advance notice.

Snappr also has the best-in-category tools and API, making it the fastest and most effective way for companies to manage their photography at scale. And, best of all, all Snappr shoots are professionally edited by a single in-house team, ensuring consistent, high-quality results that always adhere to your company’s brand guidelines. Check out some of these stunning examples of Snappr’s automotive photography that are sure to turn heads.

Ready to take your photography to the next level and make a real impact on your bottom line? Contact Snappr’s Enterprise Team today to learn how we can provide you with professional car photos that are second to none.

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Darren Blench
Enterprise Partnerships

Darren Blench leads partnerships for enterprise Automotive clients at Snappr. He has helped dozens of major players in the industry with their content strategy. He is available for a no-obligation consultation about your Automotive photography needs.

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