5 minute read - Mar 24, 2021

Smokin vehicles of the week -- Car Auction Edition

Shout out to all of Snappr’s automotive partners, thanks to them we get to photograph over a thousand bada** vehicles going live to auction every week. These are a handful of my favorites.
David Gomez
Enterprise Partnerships

Vintage Motorcars Porsche 550 Spyder Replica

A guaranteed smile, thumbs up, or honk anytime you take it out -- not recommended for introverts.

LOCATION: Laguna Beach, California
SOLD FOR: $30,000

1960 Chevrolet Corvette Restomod

Most will say “I wish I had this in high school’ -- screw my high school self, I wish I had this now.

LOCATION: Fresno, California
SOLD FOR: $65,000

1973 Volkswagen Thing

Nothing says 70s like the color scheme of a papaya

LOCATION: Fort Myers, Florida
CURRENT BID: $25,000

1965 Pontiac Grand Prix

It’s not salmon…’s peach!

LOCATION: Anthem, Arizona
CURRENT BID: $20,000

2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4²

You can own this at the low price of three bitcoins

LOCATION: Fort Worth, Texas
SOLD FOR: $163,456

Consumer Car?

Remember that cardboard box you made into a car when you were a kid? You can drive it now!

LOCATION: Grand Rapids, Michigan
SOLD FOR: $38,500


Guess who took all these photos?...Not me. This level of quality comes from Snappr’s automotive photographers, they specialize in all the key visual elements to attract buyers online and increase the value of your vehicle.

Owners selling on places like Cars&Bids, Bring-a-trailer, & Hagerty have access to an on-demand network of photographers covering 90% of the US, AU, CA, UK, & NZ. Feel free to reach out to me at if you’d like your site to partner with Snappr.

If you are a vehicle owner looking to ditch your smartphone images and have a Snappr photographer do all the heavy lifting. Email me for 5% off your booking and be ready to list within a few days!

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David Gomez
Enterprise Partnerships

David Gomez leads partnerships for enterprise Automotive clients at Snappr. He has helped dozens of major players in the industry with their content strategy. He is available for a no-obligation consultation about your Automotive photography needs.

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