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How Snappr is helping thousands of American small businesses survive and thrive during COVID-19

Snappr, the top on-demand photography company in the US, is helping small businesses all across America improve their online presence and thrive during COVID-19 with professional photography.
Matt Schiller
Snappr Founder and CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly disrupted the ways that businesses and customers interact, with entire industries being forced to change practically overnight. Consumers are now demanding virtual and digital alternatives - causing online commerce to jump forward five years in just a matter of days. Many companies are scrambling to bring their services online, and one of the biggest challenges they are facing is how to source high-quality photos, which are practically a requirement to compete in today’s online world.

Snappr, the largest on-demand photography marketplace in the United States, is helping thousands of small and local businesses across the nation obtain the professional, high-quality images they need in order to thrive in today’s online economy. Here’s how Snappr is helping businesses in some of the industries most affected by COVID-19; including the restaurant, automotive, real estate, and eCommerce sectors.

Helping restaurants get more online orders

Snappr has helped more than 1 in 10 restaurants nationwide get stunning food and menu photos to use online. Having high-quality, professional photos helps restaurants attract more online customers and can help boost sales by 30% or more on delivery apps.

In fact, according to a Snappr consumer survey, the ability to view food photos was the most important feature people looked for when searching for a restaurant - ranking higher than even user reviews or menu descriptions! Having high-quality food photos is critical for restaurants hoping to succeed online. These online orders are going to be the lifeline for restaurants both now and in the months to come.

Restaurants need to be prepared to rely on online orders for a long time. A study of restaurant behavior in China shows that dine-in rates remained low even after mandatory quarantines and closures ended. According to the study, Chinese diners continued to prefer their new habits of ordering pick-up and delivery over dining-in.

It could take months or even years before American dining habits return back to normal, and restaurants will need to successfully master online and mobile orders if they want to stay in business.

Snappr is ready to help restaurants stay competitive and attract more customers by providing them with professional high-quality food photos perfect for delivery apps, web landing pages, restaurant review platforms, Google Maps and social media.

Helping auto dealers sell cars online

As a result of COVID-19, the automotive industry is transforming and many car companies are switching to selling cars exclusively online. Rhett Ricart, CEO of Ricart Automotive Group, predicts that 80% to 90% of car dealers will provide fully virtual shopping experiences by the end of 2020.

While dealers race to sell cars online, two major concerns remain top of mind: lowering the time-to-sale (quicker inventory turnover) and maintaining average sale prices. Providing consumers with top-of-the-line photography solves both of these problems, and Snappr has stepped up to support car sellers in all 50 states.

With in-person visits to dealerships dropping to almost zero, dealers are forced to rely entirely on online traffic to find customers. Car buyers spend an average of 96 days looking for their next vehicle, with 59% of that time spent online - primarily looking at car photos. Buyers are looking for the websites with the best image galleries, and dealers that can deliver the polished photos consumers are seeking will get more online traffic, convert more leads and move their inventory faster.

High-quality photos provide consumers with the most authentic information and increase buyers’ trust. Online car buying can be risky, and low-resolution photos don’t look credible. Blurry or unprofessional photos aren’t a problem for dealers working with Snappr. The photography team at Snappr for Enterprise ensures that each and every vehicle photo shoot results in upwards of 50 high-resolution photos.

Having ample photos is a strong signal to consumers of the dealer’s trustworthiness. And the ability to view the vehicle from multiple angles, including close-up shots, helps buyers feel well informed. All of which will help increase a buyer’s willingness to pay full sticker price even sight-unseen. Online marketplaces with the best-looking photos will sell more vehicles and at higher prices than their competitors with the same inventory.

Empowering real estate agents with technology

Due to social distancing, real estate agents have suffered a forced hiatus from providing home tours and open houses. Snappr is helping real estate agents continue to sell homes through virtual tours as a substitute for in-person visits.

Snappr virtual tours are a great alternative to being there in person. Agents are loving the ability of these tours to highlight selling points, build closer relationships with buyers and get more online leads. Virtual tours are also more accessible and quicker than in-person visits. Best of all, they can be shared or saved, helping buyers rely less on memory and more on documentation when comparing houses.

It’s easy to see why virtual tours are becoming very popular, and Snappr is helping real estate agents and property managers all across the United States get access to the professional high-quality tours they need in order to close more deals than ever before.

In addition to virtual tours, Snappr also provides agents with professional property photos to help sell houses faster and for more dollars. A study by Redfin shows that homes which had been professionally photographed sold up to 21 days faster and were 25% more likely to sell at all. These homes also sold for thousands of dollars more compared with homes that did not utilize professional photography.

Tantalizing home buyers with high-quality photos and stunning virtual tours is a recipe for success in any market, and real estate agents across the country are trusting Snappr as a fast, flexible and affordable way to handle their visual content needs.

Helping small businesses start eCommerce

eCommerce is one of the few industries actually enjoying growth during COVID-19, and many companies are focusing on increasing their online sales in order to make up for a dip or loss in brick-and-mortar purchases. However, many small businesses are running into obstacles getting their online shops up and running due to a lack of product photos!

Snappr is helping solve this problem by providing affordable product photography that gives small and local businesses access to the booming eCommerce market.

Professional product photography is typically done in a studio, but many small businesses don’t have access to these studios for various reasons. Some brands may not be able to physically bring in larger products from their store, or the nearest studio might be too far away. For many small businesses, it may simply be too cost-prohibitive to book studio time.

Luckily, Snappr’s services are different, and can be offered from anywhere. Our photography partners can conduct shoots at your storefront, at the warehouse or even in a home. Best of all, Snappr only costs a fraction of what a studio would normally charge - while still providing the same quality.

Snappr is making product photography more accessible than ever, allowing businesses of all sizes to obtain high-quality product photos they can trust. Now every entrepreneur can afford professional photos to use in their online stores and get a piece of the growing eCommerce pie.


Quality photography remains the most effective way to attract customers online, and in 2020, photos are practically a requirement for nearly every type of online medium. As demand for online products and services grows, the demand to view high-quality visual content is also growing exponentially. Snappr provides full enterprise photography solutions to help businesses make sure their photos are second-to-none, helping them stand out from the crowd and succeed in an increasingly digital economy.

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Matt Schiller
Snappr Founder and CEO

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